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Amazing Thank You Letter!

09 Feb 2015

We are so blessed to have worked with a client like this! See below! Good morning to you. I wish I had more work for them to do because I would hire them again in a heartbeat. Here’s my takeaway from our experience with Bella Brothers. We did a total makeover of our kitchen. We chose Bella because it was a one stop shop – their showroom had all I needed to choose from. Tom knew we had a strict budget and when it went a little over, he reduced a profit margin (I assume) to keep within our range. All of the materials they used are made in the US, extremely good quality (Wolf cabinets, Delta faucet, and local granite). We signed the contract on a Thursday and they showed up the following week at 8 am and we left for work. By the time we got home, my kitchen was gone! Appliances, cabinets, everything. But the really good part about that was there was sturdy plastic sheeting stuck over every inch of my carpets and stairs – like a second skin that remained the entire 3 weeks. They carefully covered all my other furniture with plastic tarp. I happened to be home one day while they were working and the place was a mess with tools, cabinets, appliance parts, electrical stuff, and dust galore. I was shocked to see this because every night when we got home at 5:30 everything was put away, broom clean and no trace of anyone being there except for the work that was progressing. Also, when they discovered early on that I have 7.5 foot ceilings and not 8’, Tom called me and explained that I couldn’t have the 42” cabinets and instead need the 36”. I said well I don’t mind if they come closer to the counter. He said absolutely not – code is at least 18” and he would make up for it by adding crown molding to the top so they would still get the look I was after. No change in contract pricing even though they added extra work for themselves. My husband was happy because they know the codes and do not cut corners – everything strictly by the book. It was a massive undertaking and they were done in 3 weeks as promised. They guys (Drew, Dominic and Eric (the job manager) were all very professional and efficient. Always let me know what was going on if there was an issue and I found I totally trusted them being in my house while no one was there. Great guys! When they were finished the job, they actually vacuumed and put my table back together that they had to disassemble (!) and even fixed the broken hinge that they had nothing to do with! Honestly we could not be happier with this outfit. Highly recommend. Debbie Kane