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Read home contractor testimonials from real customers in the Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery County, South Jersey and its surrounding areas. The following testimonials are from real Bella Brothers customers who were impressed by Bella Brothers quality and service.
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02/28/2018 Bella Brothers has been so wonderful to work with. This was our first time ever doing any renovations, and we’d heard all of the horror stories about working with contractors, and we cannot say enough how impressed we’ve been with working with them and the end results. From meeting with Arsan and Tom to having Eric oversee our projects, to all of their crew, we’ve been really impressed with the professionalism, responsiveness and commitment to getting everything right. They recently completed a master bath/suite renovation followed by a kitchen/dining room renovation and we love every inch of it! Looking forward to more projects with them! Kristen


11/02/2017 I want to recommend Bella Brothers for any house renovation or repair work needed. I have used their services for a number of years, including bathroom and kitchen remodeling and deck construction, and have always been able to rely on their competence and efficiency in giving me good results. The company employs people who are true craftsmen, people who have a thorough knowledge of how to handle all the details and who are good at dealing with challenges. Most recently, the company worked on a kitchen renovation for me. The job involved digging under the surface of the kitchen floor which, because I have an old shed kitchen, was sagging as it was basically sitting on rotten boards which, in turn, were sitting on 13” of air above disintegrating concrete. The workers installed concrete footing to support a reframing of the floor; sheathing; and a new floor on top. Because the kitchen had no heat vent and was cold in the winter, plenty of insulation was put under the floor and behind parts of the walls. An occasional flooding problem by the rear entrance door, caused by the fact that the floor was flush with the ground outside, was handled by building a raised threshold and raising the door. The work also included new plumbing, electrical wiring and installation of vinyl siding on the exterior walls. All the work was handled with attention to every detail and was completed in precisely the amount of time Bella predicted it would take. Since my first experience with the company a number of years ago, I have never been disappointed with how they handled each job and have never considered hiring another contractor. Martha Wallace


08/10/2017 Hi! I just wanted to take the time to say what a wonderful job Bella Brothers did for us. Beside the frustrations of the hold up in the beginning and the last minute couple of minor details, we are very satisfied with all the work and effort put into the project at out home. Your workers are very kind, friendly, considerate, and most of all, efficient with their talent and their work. They have a lot of respect for property and represent your business with great professionalism. Dan and I would definitely recommend Bella Brothers to friends and family. Thank you to you and Tom and all involved. Sincerely, Mary and Dan Williams


07/06/2017 We originally approached Bella Brothers as well as four additional potential contractors last December to give us estimates to remodel our hall bathroom and our master bathroom. The hall bath was updating the room from its original makeup from when the house was built in 1979. The Master bath was a bit more involved as we wanted to go from a small bath with a shower, toilet, and single vanity sink in about 50 square feet to a bath with a larger shower, a soaking tub, two vanity sinks, and a toilet in about 100 square feet by knocking out a wall and using an underutilized dressing area next to the bath. Each of the five contractors gave us estimates after coming to our house and viewing the existing baths. Bella Brothers was represented by Arsan. He came and listened to what we were looking for and then took that information back and developed some options and suggestions for us to look at. At that meeting in the Bella Brothers offices Arsan presented a great plan, but more importantly, he listened to our questions, concerns, and issues as well as our likes about the proposals. Rather than force his ideas and thinking on us, he listened to what we felt and wanted. While Bella Brothers estimate was not the least expensive, the advantages of going with them and being able to pick out most options for tile, granite, cabinets, fixtures, etc. right in the comfort of their showroom was a big plus. This said, we signed the contract with Bella Brothers in late January. As our cabinet choices were custom and we also had to go through the process of applying for permits from our township for the master bath, Bella Brothers were not able to begin work until the end of March. During the waiting time, Eric, the Project Manager, kept us well informed and not in a vacuum as to what was going on during the lull. The hall bath was the first project to be done. The crew of Dennis and Kevin (who were here almost daily during both projects were fantastic. There could not possibly be more courteous and mindful workers that you could come across. They always arrived promptly on time and made the extra effort at the end of each day to clean up the workspace to prevent disruption as much as possible to my wife and my daily actions. From start to finish, the hall bath took about three and a half weeks. This was for removing everything in the existing bath and taking walls down to studs. New green board was installed and then all fixtures, tile, and cabinets were installed as well as plumbing updated and all was then painted. With the hall bath done, my wife and I could move into a guest room and use the hall bath as work on the master bath commenced. The master bath took almost three times as much time. However, it was a much more daunting undertaking and working around the local township permit requirements for building, plumbing, and electrical created their own challenges as we went through the waiting time needed for initial inspections and final inspections. The work done by Denis and Keith, Chris (plumbing), and Jack (electrical) was outstanding and the outcome is something both my wife and I could not be happier about. I think they show the fantastic job that Bella Brother did for us. Mike & Mary Lou Reynolds


06/20/2017 Bella Brothers met our expectations and provided great customer service. They arrived every day on time and completed the job within 10 days with the exception of the painting. They installed everything new: drywall, plumbing, electric (lighting and exhaust fam) and the tile is so beautiful. Although the total demolition and deconstruction was extreme, they expertly sealed off the area to keep the debris and dust at bay. They also swept and vacuumed every day. We really enjoyed Jon and Leo who were assigned to our project. Jon is meticulous and methodical and brought a great deal of experience to the project. Judith Plonski


04/22/2017 Before we hired them, we must have spoken with at least 15 other contractors. Several estimates over our price range, other contractors low-balled the job, couldn’t give us what we wanted, or just didn’t give us the confident, reliable, creative and responsive vibe that we were looking for. Fortunately for us, we came across Bella Brothers and it felt like the right fit after our first interview. We had a very honest conversation about the project and Tom seemed to have the experience in row-home renovations that we were looking for. Over several rounds of emails and in-person meetings, Tom worked with us to draw up a contract with all of our must-haves, that was also within our budget and timeline. He was very careful to make sure we stayed within our budget, which we appreciated. He also let us contact several references, who all had great things to say. Bella Brothers also had one main asset that differentiated them from all of the competition that we considered – their full-time designer, Arsan and a boutique showroom. Not a single contractor that we spoke to offered either a designer or a showroom – for a project of this scale to a very design-oriented couple that’s completely new to renovation, this was invaluable. Both Arsan and Tom helped guide us through the design process and were patient, thoughtful and informative throughout. Where other contractors said “no it can’t be done,” Tom and Arsan found a way. Alternatively, for instances where we wanted something particular and it just wasn’t a great idea, Arsan would give us his honest opinion and propose viable alternate suggestions. Visiting their showroom made the process easy. They had samples of most of the finishings (floors, tiles, knobs, cabinets, etc) in their showroom so we were able to see everything in person before we made any decisions, and didn’t have to shop around to a ton of extra stores on our own if we didn’t want to. Both Arsan and Tom had some really great ideas that formed the backbone of our entire project, and they were always available for questions and advice. I’m not sure how we would have gotten to where we are today without their expertise! In regards to cost – During our initial meeting with Tom, he said his strategy is to budget for everything upfront so that there aren’t any surprises down the road, and that turned out to be true. There were no “surprise” cost increases during the entire project for things that Tom’s team didn’t account for. The only cost increases were additional items that we decided to add to the scope on our own (either because we didn’t think of it in our initial contract, or we simply changed our mind). Not a single cost increase was due to an oversight on Tom’s team. The cost increases that we added seemed fair and aligned with the additional scope of work. They didn’t price gouge us when we added to the scope. They were quick to issue change orders and manage our account accurately. As for timing – the project only went slightly over our timeframe, but that was okay for our situation. We moved out of our house during the renovation to help speed up the process and they completed the project well before the time our rental expired. The timing was pretty much perfect for us. We had enough time to move out and enough time to leisurely move back in. In regards to quality – Bella Brothers didn’t go the “cheap” route – we have lived in the house for 5 months so far, and everything is functioning smoothly, looks great, and seems to be very durable and good quality. My husband had a friend who knows a lot about the contracting industry visit mid-way through the build, and the commented that the materials used in the construction were high quality materials and he was very impressed with the work (which is nothing my husband and I would have been able to tell on our own). As clients, I’m pretty sure that we were on the demanding, meticulous, hyper-focused and particular side. I know that we were not “easy” clients. We had a very particular vision and planned to stick to it. There were also times where we changed our mind, even though some work had to be reversed to accommodate our decision. Not once during the process did the Bella Brothers team make us feel like we were too demanding or asking too much. They were incredibly accommodating to all of our requests and (not exaggerating) hundreds of emails and many phone calls, we must have made during this process. We had a few difficult demands that were not easy to fulfill, somehow, they managed to make it all happen, even when it wasn’t easy. We were very impressed with how responsive they were to all of our detailed needs. Not everything went perfectly – towards the end of the project, we noticed that the pace started to slow down and some of the finishing work was not as meticulous, careful or clean. There were several issues that needed to be addressed after the build was completed (scratches in dents in cabinet doors, dented microwave door, etc). While most of the major issues were addressed, it took a lot of time and some of it had to take place after we moved in. The house was cleaned before we moved in, but some areas were still dusty and dirty from construction, (especially the basement), and we were left to clean these areas on our own. Anything major was addressed, but it was frustrating to experience after most of the job went very well. We do have some important pointers for anyone considering working with Bella Brothers (or any contractor for that matter.) As with any contractor and project of this scale (this isn’t singular to Bella Brothers), we advise that you hammer out every detail in your contract before signing. Try to think of everything upfront and take your time doing so; we hammered out our details over several months, before we even met Bella Brothers. Run your details by any family members or friends who have been through this before. If you’re fully renovating your home, go into it knowing that it will take up a large majority of your free time (almost like a second job) and will require a lot of effort on your end to make a billion different decisions. Don’t make assumptions and get everything in writing. But on top of that, just know that you won’t be able to think of every single detail before you sign your contract. You will change your mind on a few things, and you will realize new things you need once you’ve gotten past a certain stage. Leave room for a “contingency plan” for these instances and don’t sign at your max budget. Based on our experience, we would definitely recommend Bella Brothers. They helped us turn a dream into reality. Yes, our project was frustrating at times and took up a lot of our time, but that’s due to the nature of this project and the time we chose to put into this. Jesse Rucco


04/17/2017 We had a really great experience with Bella Brothers. Not only were they polite, clean, and good communicators (which is saying a lot!), but they are also artists. We came in knowing that we wanted to revamp our bathroom, but with no real vision. They helped us to design a gorgeous, state-of-the-art shower that looks amazing and fulfills all of our needs. We’re incredibly grateful to the Bella Brothers team! Ilana


04/12/2017 Bella Brothers just completed a brand new bathroom at my house today and I couldn’t be happier! From booking to completion they were nothing but professional, respectful, and caring. We had a major job done (completely moved our bathroom) and the work that was done in only 2 1/2 weeks was beyond impressive! We are grateful for everything the Bella Brothers have done for us with this project. The workers were polite and kept the house clean while working. I would recommend Bella Brothers to everyone who needs work done to their house! 5+ stars! Kimberly Lynn


03/7/2017 I am writing to report on the wonderful experience I recently had with Bella Brothers Construction in completing a full renovation of my kitchen. The work was performed in my home over a period of three weeks and all aspects of the work from start to finish were handled very capably and professionally. What I was most happy with was the frequent communication from Eric, the job foreman. He always kept me fully informed of details with the work, timeframes, names of the workers, etc. Fortunately we only encountered one small unanticipated issue with a corroded drain pipe. This pipe could not be fully inspected until the demolition work was completed. It was replaced after Eric consulted with me about its condition and the cost of replacement. All of the workers who came to my home arrived on time and were friendly as well as very considerate of keeping the surrounding area clean. I have two large dogs and the workers always announced their arrival so that I could secure the dogs before they entered. Workers always told me of their plans each day and stayed fully focused on their work at all times. The quality of materials along with the high level of workmanship clearly showed in the finished product. A friend who renovated my bathroom five years ago has seen the finished work. He was quite impressed by both of these elements. Everyone else who has seen the kitchen has made similar comments. Finally, when the job was completed Eric insured that all refuse and discarded material was removed from my home promptly and completely. I have owned my home for thirty years and have fortunately had many very good experiences with contractors. This however was the largest construction project I had undertaken in my home. I chose Bella Brothers after my neighbors told me of their great experience with them for a kitchen renovation two years ago. I had seen the work progress and was very impressed with the finished product. Like my neighbors did for me, I can now highly recommend Bella Brothers to others! Sincerely, Andrew W. Balluffi


02/28/2017 We met with Tom Denicolo Sr. in early spring 2016. Tom was very knowledgeable and assisted us in considering the pluses and minuses of the elements we had in mind. He was frank in discussing the range of products he offered and helpful in identifying which products would best serve our needs. He walked us through the entire process guiding our design decisions, explaining what would be involved, how long it would take to complete the job and where we would stand in the construction queue should we decide to go with his company. Following the meeting Tom provided us with a detailed estimate. Bella Brothers was the third estimate we considered and the middle bidder. Based on Tom’s understanding of what we wanted and his knowledge of what was needed to reach our goals we decided to look no further and entered an agreement with Bella Brothers. Before construction began we requested several design changes. We spoke with Bella Brothers office staff, who were always very knowledgeable, helpful and polite. Phone calls routed to Tom and emails written to him were always promptly and courteously answered. We were kept well informed of what was going on and the costs of our desired design changes. The construction crew managed by Tom Denicolo Jr. was very proficient- excellent craftsmen and professional in manner. The job was completed in the expected timeframe and on budget. The finished job looks great! We are very satisfied; we would use Bella Brothers again and have highly recommended them to neighbors. This is an A+ company that delivers on its promises with a high quality product. Description of work: Bella Brothers assisted me in the design of a small elevated deck approximately 10×10 and 11 ft above ground level. Bella Brothers constructed the deck with a treated wood frame, a capped composite floor and an aluminum and vinyl rail system on two sides of the exposed perimeter. An opening was made in a wood framed aluminum clad external wall creating the entranceway for the deck and a 5ft wide sliding door with internal blinds was installed. Glen


02/17/2017 The job took aorund 5-6 weeks because of the need for a complete demo and them running all kinds of new pipes including sewer and ventilation which took quit a while. Danny and Jim were a remarkable crew and worked quickly, quitely and efficiently each day. These two guys did a tremendous job and always left the house clean and neat. Tom and Arsan had great ideas and plans and really worked with us on the layout and the materials. Eric was our foreman again this time and he was terrific, as usual. Additionally, Christina in the office is always a pleasure to deal with and is happy and cheerful and remembers you even if it is after a few years. Before using Bella Brothers, we had used some other contractors with mixed performance. Some were good and a few were down right horrible and really made us leary of hiring anyone to do contracting ever again. Our kitchen/addition and bathroom remodels with Bella Brothers have made us feel confident that there are great companies out there owned and staffed by great people that want to do a terrific job. I can’t thank them enough for the beautiful job they did on our bathroom remodel and the previous kitchen/addition. They have reaffirmed my faith in people doing the right thing and delivering quality for a reasonable price. I will use them for any additional projects that I have in the future and would recommend them to anyone. Thank you Tom and Team!!!!!!!!! Description of work: I needed a complete remodeling and reconfiguration of master bathroom to make a complete master suite. Bella Brothers had previously remodeled my kitchen and added a small addition that included a walk in closet for the master suite, so I knew that they were a solid company that did terrific work for a fair price. We were so pleased with the kitchen that we used them for the bathroom, although we did got 3 other quotes and Bella Brothers was competitive with pricing and had the best plan and, of course, we already had a relationship with them and were very happy with their work. Anthony


01/16/2017 I have nothing but praise for Bella Brothers Construction. My husband and I decided to have our kitchen and master bath remodeled, as well as hardwood flooring put down on the entire first floor. Bella Brothers showed up on time for the estimate, the additional consultations, and all the days involving on-site construction. Each member of Bella– from Tom giving us an estimate, Arsan working with us on the design, Eric our project manager, to Danny and Jim who executed the construction– was courteous, detail-oriented and extremely knowledgeable. We are thrilled with the quality of our gourmet kitchen, luxurious bath, and hardwood flooring. June Bischoff


01/09/2017 Tom and Eric, Debra and I could not be happier with your work and the way you conduct your business. Each of your crews came by exactly when you said they would, a rarity in the trades. They did a great job, answered all my questions, and cleaned up very well. Once the laundry room job started, it moved along perfectly. We are equally happy with the doors you put in earlier. I am a pretty demanding customer and want things done just right. At the same time, if someone does a great job, I will be the first to say so and recommend them to others. To that point, I would be happy to serve as a reference for your future business should you need me to do so. Lonny G.


12/05/2016 OMG, I have never had contractors who took the project so seriously. There was no fooling around. If they said they would be there Tuesday, they were there. And different guys did different things and it was like clockwork. I never had to call and question where they were that day. The job got completed in a timely manner by the most professional contractors I ever worked with. They were fast to clean up and remove debris and when I added a task, they were right there performing same. Bottom Line, they are now my go to contractors. And all sweet guys. Fran


11/30/2016 Tom, You and Eric remodeled my kitchen just about a year ago. I just wanted to say thank you for the job you did. Everyone loved the remodel. My relatives had nothing but great things to say when they came for Thanksgiving this year. Sorry it has taken me so long to send this thank you note for all the great work you did. Thank you again, Sue O’Hara


11/23/2016 I just wanted to thank all of you for the work that was done on my bedroom. It is beautiful and so professionally done. I never had contractors who performed such clean good work and in a timely manner. Everyone I met was so nice and it was a pleasure to work with them. And thank you Christina for fielding the emails and having patience with me. Please also tell Dan (my favorite) thank you for hanging the blinds and fixing my door, it is much appreciated. I hope to use your services in the future. Happy Thanksgiving to All!!!!! Frances Giaquinto


10/09/2016 I have used Bella Construction on three occasions and they never disappoint. The work was completed timely and efficiently and all my expectations were met. The staff is amazing and they also communicate very well. When looking for a contractor I look for reliability and with Bella Brothers I have found that. I will continue to refer Bella Brothers to family, friends, and neighbors. Barbara Harrell


10/06/2016 I wanted to stop in to just leave a rave review as to how great this company is. Very family oriented, pays extreme attention to detail and completely courteous throughout the entire process. They truly go above and beyond in all aspects as far as initial appointment, design process and execution of the sale. Kudos to the entire staff and carpenters that make this company a well-oiled machine. Keep up the amazing work to keep clients happy! Christina


10/03/2016 It went very well. Tom and his staff gave me a beautiful, custom kitchen with everything I asked for. So modern and efficient, I love cooking in it. The process was well organized from designs and layouts to demolition to installation and all the way to the final touch ups. About the process and execution – After a delay in starting based on my decision to change course, it all went smoothly. Arsan, the designer, knew what could be done and drafted up a great plan. The materials we used were top notch and I ordered most everything right in the showroom. I was only responsible for ordering my own appliances and lighting, just had to schedule my delivery. Eric and his crew did a great job, they were professional, knowledgeable and courteous, answering any questions I had. And they were flexible when on-the-spot changes needed to be made. Danny and his crew finished off the final touches to my satisfaction. I had gotten a number of estimate before going with Bella Bros and I feel I definitely got a good deal. It all turned out just great! I would recommend them to anyone considering a remodeling project. Vicki Wagner


09/30/2016 Earlier this year I hired Bella Brothers to complete some renovations to my master bathroom. My top priority when looking for a contractor is reliability. I want to feel confident that I can rely upon the quality of the workmanship, that the work will begin and be completed on time, and that the contractor will communicate openly with me about the status of the project and any problems or necessary changes that arise. I was very satisfied with Bella Brothers on all these accounts. I found the process of working with them to be extremely easy and comfortable. Every step of the way from when I first contacted them through to completion of the project they followed up in a timely and professional manner. Their project manager, Eric, was great to work with and very responsive to my questions and concerns. I’m really pleased with the finished product. The bathroom looks great, and I feel confident that the workmanship was of a high standard. Overall, I am very glad that I decided to hire Bella Brothers to complete this project. I will recommend Bella Brothers to my friends and family and plan to use them again for future renovations to my home. Rebecca Hubbard


09/28/2016 We contracted Bella Brothers to construct a Master Bath suite which entailed combining an existing small bathroom and a spare bedroom that we were not using. This was our dream bathroom to be constructed in our dream house which we never intend to leave. We had always envisioned this master bath ever since we bought the house three years ago, and we considered five contractors for this important project in our house before signing with Bella. Bella Brothers did an excellent job in seeing our vision become a reality. Everyone at Bella’s office was very friendly and made us feel very comfortable. Christina contacted us to set up the various meetings, and was always very accommodating to fit our schedule. Once construction started, my wife and I were extremely satisfied as to how the project was executed. The subcontractors were all lined up and ready to work, and there was never a large “gap” of inactivity. Bella told us a budget number, and they stuck to it, even though there were reasonable opportunities for them to increase the cost of the project. Every member of Bella’s team was professional, polite, they listened to us, and they were respectful of our home. I would not hesitate to hire Bella Brothers, Inc. for any other renovations to my home! Mike Blaner


09/26/2016 We had an excellent experience working with Bella Brothers. From beginning to end, they were very professional and worked with us to make our dream master suite that we always wanted (and within our budget). I really liked that we were able to see renderings of what our bathroom would look like, as well as that we were able to visit the showroom to see what finishes BB hand selected for us. These were not services offered by other companies we considered, and that’s why we ultimately ended up going with BB. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a stunning master bathroom renovation. Courtney Mezzacappa Zeni


09/25/2016 As a newcomer to renovations, I could not have made a smarter choice than to hand over my aging condo to Bella Brothers Construction. My kitchen, living room, and bathroom were all magnificently transformed through their expertise and professionalism. Each member of the team brought years of experience and skill to the job; I could trust them every step of the way. The guidance I received, the neat and courteous service, the admirable workmanship, and the quality materials all contributed to making renovating an uplifting experience instead of the nightmare that I had feared. It was a pleasure to work with a company so dedicated to pleasing their customers. I will definitely enjoy the beautiful results for years to come. Trudy DeCanio


09/21/2016 We have used Bella Brothers twice so far in the past three years, for our home improvements. They built a beautiful deck on the back of our home, and have replaced our old doors with beautiful new doors. We will call Bella Brothers again when we are ready for our next home improvement. They are very professional and there employees are respectful all the time. Mark Angelo


09/09/2016 We used Bella Brothers in May to add a two-level roof deck with Spiral stairs on our Philadelphia Row Home. They were amazing from beginning to end. We received our estimate quickly, and Tom was great with us having a million questions, as this was a huge investment for us. The project was completed ahead of schedule, and every person we dealt with was polite and helpful. We have two future projects coming up that we plan on using Bella again and recommend them to everyone we know. Meredith Hamblin


08/23/2016 It went very well. Tom and his staff gave me a beautiful, custom kitchen with everything I asked for. So modern and efficient, I love cooking in it. The process was well organized from designs and layouts to demolition to installation and all the way to the final touch ups. About the process and execution – After a delay in starting based on my decision to change course, it all went smoothly. Arsan, the designer, knew what could be done and drafted up a great plan. The materials we used were top notch and I ordered most everything right in the showroom. I was only responsible for ordering my own appliances and lighting, just had to schedule my delivery. Eric and his crew did a great job, they were professional, knowledgeable and courteous, answering any questions I had. And they were flexible when on-the-spot changes needed to be made. Danny and his crew finished off the final touches to my satisfaction. I had gotten a number of estimate before going with Bella Bros and I feel I definitely got a good deal. It all turned out just great! I would recommend them to anyone considering a remodeling project. Victoria


08/15/2016 I used Bella Brothers to remodel an apartment Kitchen and they did a great job. Everyone, from Tom, Eric, the admin group and the workers (John) were all easy to work with and very professional. Tom made the process quite easy from the beginning and a major reason why I chose them after meeting with 4 contractors. The quality of the work was top notch. John


04/12/2016 Both bathrooms were original to the house (1962) and had to be completely torn out and remodeled. Being without both showers was very difficult but the solution they came up with was to put a temporary shower in our basement. At first i thought no way that will work but is was the perfect solution for our family of 5. We didn’t need to use our friends and neighbors showers and it was only for 5 weeks. Our baths were designed with every feature we wanted and we love them. The designer gave me three options and we totally changed the layout and enlarged the master bath by utilizing master bedroom and hall bath space so we could fit in a soaking tub. The contractors were very clean and put protective flooring and paper on the walls and doors so nothing was disturbed. They were on time every day and always pleasant. They also kept me up to date on what was coming next. This was our first major remodel and are very pleased with the outcome. We love our new bathrooms and so do our family and friends. Wish we would have done this years ago! Thank you Bella Brothers for a great job! Theresa


04/07/2016 It went great. Company is easy to work with and staff is professional and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend them to others. Karen


04/01/2016 Hi Tom, I just wanted to send you a small note about my latest remodel completed by your staff. I really, really appreciated the courtesy and kindness afforded to me at a very stressful time, with my Mom being sick. Your thoroughness of explaining the work was outstanding as well as the quality of work that was done on my bathroom and my walls which had water damage. Thank you for keeping me informed and the constant follow up as the work was being completed. Your staff is amazing! I will continue to recommend Bella Brothers to friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues. Once again thank you for your kindness. Barbara


01/22/2016 Dear Tom, My wife and I wish to thank you and everyone at Bella Brothers for making our recent home addition project such a pleasant experience. From start to finish you and your staff carefully guided us through every decision related to our project. The efforts of your creative design consultant and your ever-vigilant project manager ensured that we would have a new family room completed on schedule, both beautiful and functional in design! The craftsmanship and attention to detail evident in the work performed by your building crews is a reflection of their professionalism! We have received several compliments on their efforts, one received from our building inspector! We could not be happier with our new room! Thanks for making every phase of this construction project a hassle-free experience! We would not hesitate to utilize your services in the future and will happily recommend Bella Brothers to our family and friends! Sincerely, Ed & Lori Zongolowicz


01/06/2016 We contracted Bella Brothers to construct a Master Bath suite which entailed combining an existing small bathroom and a spare bedroom that we were not using. Once the wall was knocked down between the two rooms, the overall size of the bathroom is now approximately 12′ x 16′. This was our dream bathroom to be constructed in our dream house which we never intend to leave. We had always envisioned this master bath ever since we bought the house three years ago, and we considered five contractors for this important project in our house before signing with Bella. Bella Brothers did an excellent job in seeing our vision become a reality. There were 5 main elements that we wanted for our master bathroom suite (aside from a toilet):
  • A walk-in shower with rain head fixture
  • A large double vanity with granite countertops
  • A whirlpool tub and tub deck
  • A heated flooring system w/ programmable thermostat
  • A new large casement window overlooking our back yard
Bella’s designer, Arsan, worked with us to address all of these elements. Arsan first visited our house to get an overview of the project, take measurements and come up with a rough sketch. Once Arsan came up with his initial design, Tom, the owner of Bella reached out to us with a rough budget for the project. Once we determined that the cost of the project was within our budget, we then visited Bella’s showroom to address the details (tile, colors, fixtures, vanity cabinets, etc.). At this point, we executed the contract. My wife and I felt comfortable in working with Arsan and Tom, and we were then introduced to the Project Manager, Eric, who would be overseeing the job at our house. Everyone at Bella’s office was very friendly and made us feel very comfortable. Christina contacted us to set up the various meetings, and was always very accommodating to fit our schedule. The only drawback to the entire project was the time it took for Bella to begin work. It was a solid five months from the time we signed the contract until Bella began construction. Eric and Tom, along with a couple of their subcontractors visited our house during this time to nail down some small details. While this extended time was a bit frustrating, my wife and I were patient, and not in rush, and our only desire regarding our schedule was to have the project finished by the end of the year, which Bella accomplished. Once construction started, my wife and I were extremely satisfied as to how the project was executed. All told, the project began in late September, and was essentially completed by early December, which is the duration that Tom and Eric had initially told us. The subcontractors were all lined up and ready to work, and there was never a large “gap” of inactivity. Someone was at our house almost every day working, and on those days where there was no activity, Eric always reached out to me to let me know why, and what the next step in the project was going to be. All of the subcontractors were very polite and professional during the entire experience. There were no surprises during this project, and the questions that Eric had for me were generally for aesthetic purposes – such as the final location of the shower bench, the location of the shower fixtures, etc. Otherwise, Eric always appeared to have everything under control. I also really appreciated Eric’s efforts to keep me informed of what progress was being made. This was a large, expensive project for us, and Eric treated it as such and extended us every courtesy. Danny was the lead carpenter for our project, and he took care of the demolition, framing, drywall, and putting in our new windows. Danny and his crew were always polite and respectful of our home. Our home was covered with plastic sheeting and sheet paper to protect the walls against damage and for dust control. Floor protection sheeting was also installed for the traffic areas. The crew would vacuum every day and leave our house in cleanest condition possible. One bump during the project was that during the painting of our new bathroom, my wife and I found that the color we picked was not to our liking once we saw it on the walls. We immediately called Eric to find out what our options were. Eric told me that if we could pick out a new color immediately, he would have the painter re-paint the room. The room was re-painted with our second paint choice the very next day, with NO additional charge. Also, when we were finalizing the contract, we informed Bella that we had two in-wall air conditioning units on our first floor that we wanted removed, and needed new insulation and drywall installed in these areas, along with installation of matching siding. We had agreed that it would be a time and materials item of the overall contract. Bella Brothers performed this side job for us during the project, and again, at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. My wife and I were very surprised and happy about this, as we were completely expecting to be charged for the services which we requested and which Bella performed. It was an extremely nice gesture on Bella’s part to provide this for us and not charge us at the end of the project. Also, it was my understanding that our town required Bella to go above and beyond and provide an architectural structural floor design in order to be issued construction permits. This additional design was due to the additional floor loading of our whirlpool tub. My wife and I were expecting to be charged for this unanticipated cost, and again, Bella did not request any additional payment for this additional professional design. My wife and I are presently enjoying our new Master Bath suite to the fullest. It was everything we hoped it would be. From the beautiful view or our property from the new casement window, to the 80-degree heated tile floor we walk on every morning, we are completely satisfied with the work Bella Brothers performed for us. Bella told us a budget number, and they stuck to it, even though there were reasonable opportunities for them to increase the cost of the project. Every member of Bella’s team was professional, polite, they listened to us, and they were respectful of our home. I would not hesitate to hire Bella Brothers, Inc. for any other renovations to my home!


12/18/2015 It was a pleasure interacting with you and the other gentlemen at Bella brothers Construction. The work done on my kitchen was wonderful I couldn’t ask for a better company or group of people to work with. Everyone was very polite, helpful and patient with me during this ordeal. The workmanship was top notch. It was a stress free experience. The work was excellent. We also appreciate the way they took their time to answer my questions and never made me feel like I was getting on their nerves. Again I am very pleased with job that your team did on my kitchen. It is beautiful! Keep up the good work. I would highly recommend your company to my family and friends. Carlean Darden


11/30/2015 Tom, Arsan, Eric, and especially Danny (the main carpenter) were good to work with. All the work except painting was done in 3 weeks, 15 days. That was important for us, we didn’t want it to drag out. Painting took 2 days, except there was some confusion about painting one window, so the painter had to come out one more morning for that. Tom (the owner/boss) is a nice guy/salesman as you plan out the kitchen, etc. He then turns hard-nosed once you get the work down in writing and the price agreed to, which I think is entirely appropriate. This was our first time hiring a contractor for a big job, so the big lesson for me is to really go over that itemized work order listing, and step through the whole process in your mind both at the showroom and at your house – you’ve got 3 days before it’s finalized. The only disagreement we had was over painting a bay window, which wasn’t explicitly listed. In the end Tom agreed to paint it since it was a fairly obvious thing that should have been done, and was a pretty small piece of work for us to be disagreeing about. Other items to note: certain cabinet options that we thought we were getting in the showroom turned out to be not available in the York cabinet line from Wolf. These were substituted to our satisfaction. On our side, they had us order some of the nonstandard cabinet organizers (woodworkers express has great prices FYI). We took a vacation in the middle of the work. No problems. Danny fed our fish for us. As I said, Danny (and his helper, whose name I forgot) was very good, very professional work. I think Danny did all the plumbing, electrical, etc. The granite installers were separate, and Bella has their own painter who I didn’t meet. They cleaned up each night, and were very polite on days when Grandma was home with our 4 year old (one day/week). They used plastic across all the doors, shop-vac’d each night, etc. Personally, I went in and swabbed up sheet rock dust with damp cloths/mop during the first week, which I think really kept the dust down after the first week. Otherwise, it will float around your house for the full duration. In terms of price… Bella came in with a competitive price during a pretty busy time of the year. We might have shaved say $5k off w one of those contractors that ends up taking 8 weeks to do the job, but I’m not so sure. Things add up pretty fast. Bella has a high volume I think, a couple different teams on different projects, etc. We got 2 other quotes, and they were the same ballpark, but they weren’t very responsive even in generating the quote. So, I’d recommend Bella Brothers, and would use them again. David Mosely


11/23/2015 Bella brothers transformed our bathroom. We call it ” the jewel of the house”. They were so clean, professional and wonderful.Having interviewed many contractors, Arsan the designer at Bella brothers was the only one that not only shared our vision, but improved on it. It was so much fun to work with him throughout the project. He was attentive and knowledgeable and familiar with current design traits. My interaction with Eric the project manager, he is the face of the project and kept us informed every step of the way. He was a great Liaison through the company. He made himself available at any time for Any issues or concerns. My schedule can tend to be hectic but he was accommodating throughout. The carpenters, Danny and Jim, we’re professional, wonderful, unobtrusive, clean. There was minimal noise, disruption and diet. Keep in mind we gutted the bathroom as well as a new kitchen floor. How they kept it so tidy, remains a mystery. You come for Arsan designer extraordinaire and stay for Eric, Danny and Jim We will use them for every project and you should too. M.C


10/26/2015 Every employee I dealt with was prompt and courteous in responding to any of my questions. Hallway walls and furniture in the area were all covered. I left in the morning and returned each evening and didn’t even know work was being done, everything was so clean. The workmanship was top notch. It was a stress free experience. My bathroom is beautiful. I would, without hesitation, recommend Bella Brothers. S.F


8/17/2015 In January 2014, our three bedroom home was destroyed by fire; smoke and water damage. The house was stripped down to the studs, this was a total renovation. We decided to add a two story addition which included a master suite, first floor powder room and family room. This was an additional 442 square feet to be added to our home. We had an independent Architect who helped with the design. A friend referred us to Angie’s List to help assist us in finding a contractor who could handle this job. After several bids and estimates we came across Bella Brother’s Construction website. After reviewing the website and reviewing Angie’s list we called the company. Christina professionally answered the telephone, explained the assessment process and scheduled the appointment with Tom. The appointment was scheduled within a reasonable time. Tom met us at our home and he took time walking through each room and listening to our vision for our home. Within twenty-four hours Tom called us back with ideas and improvements on our original drawings. We met with the company’s Interior Designer Arsan who was absolutely fabulous. He methodically helped us with kitchen design, bathroom design, cabinetry and flooring. Arsan had an array of patterns and designs for us to choose from allowing us to maintain our theme throughout the house. The material used in the house was of high quality. Once we signed the contract and all permits were obtained the work began. The subcontractors were all professional and respectful of our house. They cleaned up the worksite daily and were very courteous towards our neighbors. They even shoveled the snow of my senior citizen neighbor’s house. We were able to visit the site daily while the team was working without any incident. Tom did a great job keeping the lines of communication open by responding to emails, text and phone calls. A work schedule was given and the team kept within the time frame. Our project took seven months to complete. Once the work was completed the house passed all inspections; electrical, heating and plumbing systems. The follow-up team completed repairs in a timely fashion. The company does offer a warranty on all the workmanship. If there is a complaint about the company it would be we could not afford all of the upgrades and the building codes became annoying with our design plan. While there are some projects that were not completed to our satisfaction they are minor in the overall scope of the work. We are grateful for Bella Brothers they renovated our entire house. We would recommend this company to complete any remodeling project in your home. The final grade is A for design, workmanship and material and a B for communication and follow-up. Michael & Paula Howard


8/3/2015 Our kitchen was outdated, dark and cramped, and the fridge was too far away from the stove and sink for a good workflow. Aside from updating the cabinets and countertops and adding a hood and backsplash, we were looking to open up the kitchen/dining room wall to increase the space, move the fridge, and also enlarge the window over the sink to let in more natural light. After an initial search on Angie’s List, we contacted three companies. We had a budget in mind of about $40k, and we wanted to see if that could get us all of the structural changes that we wanted. The first company asked us our budget right away on the phone and said they wouldn’t come out to give us an estimate unless we were willing to pay $50-60k. The second company asked our budget on the phone and said they could work with that, then they came out to take measurements and hear our requests. They came back with an estimate of $52k for a design that only updated the cabinets and countertops but had a footprint that was about the same; we wouldn’t get more open space and natural light like we wanted. Then we contacted Bella Brothers. Right away we liked that they didn’t ask us our budget. They said they like to take measurements and discuss what we wanted first, then they would come back with an estimate, and if it was in line with our expectations, we could move forward into a more detailed design. They didn’t want to cut corners on their design just to try to fit into an initial budget. Tom and Arsan came to our house one evening when my husband and I were both home from work. We liked how they interacted and could see that they worked well together. We could also tell from their questions and suggestions that they really knew what they were talking about. Tom took measurements and Arsan did some sketches and notes while they asked us what we were looking to do with the project. We felt like they really listened to us and stayed long enough to get a good idea of what we wanted. After that meeting they came back with an initial project scope and an estimate of $43-47k. It was close enough to our budget and sounded like it had what we were looking for, so we set up a meeting with them that week in their showroom to see the design details. When we saw the design we loved it; they were able to move the wall and give us a relocated and larger passage into the dining room plus a larger window over the sink within that budget. We chose cabinets, tops, backsplash, sink, faucet, and drawer pulls at that meeting (so make sure you’ve done your research on colors and materials beforehand like we had or you may feel this part is rushed). Arsan listened to what we wanted and when his ideas differed from ours, he balanced well between going along with our choices in some cases, and in other cases pushing back when he had a strong opinion (and in all of those cases he turned out to be right). We signed with them at that meeting. We ended up choosing a higher quality cabinet than the lowest end of our budget so we settled on a price of about $45.5k (not including appliances). Work started about a month later. Demo was done in a day, and the job moved steadily forward; at the end of each day we were amazed at how much was accomplished. Brad was a conscientious foreman; he worked steadily and efficiently while keeping an eye on quality and making sure to clean up at the end of the day. Eric managed the project smoothly, coordinating the scheduling of carpenters, plumbers, electricians, flooring, and painters to fill the days and keep the project moving forward. Even things we thought would be difficult seemed to go without a hitch: the wall was moved, including relocating ductwork and electrical wires and installing a support beam, to give us the extra space we wanted. The subcontractors were all very professional as well. We were especially impressed with the floor work; the subcontractor was very conscientious and clearly wanted to do the job right. One day while we were away, he and his crew sanded the floor and started staining with the color we had chosen, but he didn’t like how the color was turning out. He stopped the job until we came home, to show us how it was going, and we agreed that the color was not looking the same as it had in the sales brochure for that stain. He offered to re-sand that part and stain in a different color (one that he chose that he thought was closer to what we wanted), and it came out much better. We think the finished kitchen is beautiful and the quality we got for this price is incredible. The new design is more open and the workflow is much more efficient, and now we love cooking in this space. We particularly like the breezeway to the dining room; it’s a really unique feature with the open shelves, and it looks great. When we redo our bathrooms in the future we will definitely call Bella Brothers! Best Regards, Becky and Neil


7/13/2015 Arzan- We wanted to take a moment to write to you to thank you for your vision of our master bathroom. You were the only designer we met with that could see the option for the deluxe master shower and new entry way into our bathroom with a pocket door which has been a huge space saver and major upgrade overall to our house. Thank you so much for your creative vision and for seeing a design that we could have never dreamed up ourselves, but has turned out to be by far our favorite feature of our house. All Our Best, Karen and Greg Gorski


6/15/2015 Arzan, their designer was one of our favorite people to work with because he came up with a complete renovation of our master bathroom that we could have never thought up ourselves. We have an old row home in Center City- first built in 1850 and we were nervous about doing renovations at all in our older home. We were impressed with Tom the owner in his overview of the company because he put us at ease in their experience in remodeling older town homes in Center City Tom was also very respectful and responsive throughout the renovation process which made the experience pleasant and smooth. Our master bathroom looks like something out of a magazine. There are pictures of our bathroom on Bella’s website- we have a 60″ long modern stand up shower with pebble floor tile and a bench. Again, given what our bathroom looked liked prior to renovation and final product is extraordinary. They did quite a lot of work in about 8 weeks in total- We plan to use Bella again and would recommend them to our friends who own in the city. Karen Gorski


6/13/2015 Hi Tom and Kathy, Although this thank you is long overdue, Denny and I wanted to let you know how happy we are with the work that we had done almost three years ago. There is honestly not a day that goes by without us thinking how perfect our rooms look. From the first contact we had with Kathy on the phone to the end of the project we couldn’t have asked for a more positive experience. After meeting with the designer, Arsan, and letting him know what we wanted, he came up with a beautiful design for our living room and dining room that we could have never imagined. The attention to detail that Eric and the crew had was so impressive, they even added work to make the finished job look even better, without adding anything to the budget, which was very important to us. Thanks again to Bella Brothers-we can’t wait until the next project! Denny and Jodi Boylan


2/9/2015 Good morning to you. I wish I had more work for them to do because I would hire them again in a heartbeat. Here’s my takeaway from our experience with Bella Brothers. We did a total makeover of our kitchen. We chose Bella because it was a one stop shop – their showroom had all I needed to choose from. Tom knew we had a strict budget and when it went a little over, he reduced a profit margin (I assume) to keep within our range. All of the materials they used are made in the US, extremely good quality (Wolf cabinets, Delta faucet, local granite). We signed the contract on a Thursday and they showed up the following week at 8 am and we left for work. By the time we got home, my kitchen was gone! Appliances, cabinets, everything. But the really good part about that was there was sturdy plastic sheeting stuck over every inch of my carpets and stairs – like a second skin that remained the entire 3 weeks. They carefully covered all my other furniture with plastic tarp. I happened to be home one day while they were working and the place was a mess with tools, cabinets, appliance parts, electrical stuff, and dust galore. I was shocked to see this because every night when we got home at 5:30 everything was put away, broom clean and no trace of anyone being there except for the work that was progressing. Also, when they discovered early on that I have 7.5 foot ceilings and not 8’, Tom called me and explained that I couldn’t have the 42” cabinets and instead need the 36”. I said well I don’t mind if they come closer to the counter. He said absolutely not – code is at least 18” and he would make up for it by adding crown molding to the top so they would still get the look I was after. No change in contract pricing even though they added extra work for themselves. My husband was happy because they know the codes and do not cut corners – everything strictly by the book. It was a massive undertaking and they were done in 3 weeks as promised. They guys (Drew, Dominic and Eric (the job manager) were all very professional and efficient. Always let me know what was going on if there was an issue and I found I totally trusted them being in my house while no one was there. Great guys. When they were finished the job, they actually vacuumed and put my table back together that they had to disassemble (!) and even fixed the broken hinge that they had nothing to do with! Honestly we could not be happier with this outfit. Highly recommend. Debbie Kane


2/2/2015 Hi Tom and Kathy LOVE LOVE LOVE everything. Drew and Dominic were just incredible. Left it clean every night. Showed up on time everyday… just amazing guys and workmanship. We just love everything. Thank you so much. Just waiting for my new blinds to be delivered and we’re done. Awesome company to do business with. Feel free to come by anytime. Will definitely recommend Bella Brothers to all my friends and should we ever pay this off will be in touch for the next project. 🙂 Love it. Thanks again so very much. Love, Deb & Jer


1/12/2015 Dear Tom and Team, First we want to apologize for not getting this note to you sooner, between settling back into our home, the holidays and getting back into the swing of work things have been hectic. We would like to thank you and your team for the wonderful job you did on our home. Eric was a pleasure to work with, he was very responsive to our questions and needs and made himself available to us. We cannot say enough about all of the subcontractors. We were in a very special position of seeing them on a daily basis since we work out of our home. They showed up on time, worked hard and were professional at all times. We also appreciated that they took the time to answer our questions and never made us feel that we were in their way. Again we are very pleased with job that your team did on our home. It is beautiful! Thank you very much. Dawn and Chris Gifford


1/7/2015 Dear Tom and Everyone at Bella Brothers: Happy New Year, I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you all for a job well done! From our initial consultation, I knew you guys were the bomb! My motto in my office is, “the proof is in the pudding”; meaning you have to demonstrate your abilities. You and your staff have done just that. For anyone who may be looking for an honest, knowledgeable contractor, look no further; Bella Brothers is it. As a fastidious female, I look for specifics such as: respect; work-ethic; professionalism, and results. I have been working with Bella Brothers for over ten years with the completion of the following projects kitchen; living room; dining room; bathroom; windows, and bedrooms (3). Kudos to the workers, they are AWESOME!! They are very professional and conscientious, and make every effort to ensure transactions run smoothly. You guys have been in and out my house so much; you are extended family (ha-ha). The managerial/administrative staff is incredibly courteous and kind (this is a plus when renovations are ongoing). I will be remodeling/upgrading the entire house, so you know I will be in contact with you all again (have a couple more projects to complete). Best Wishes to you all for the New Year and continued SUCCESS!!! Robin


11/24/2014 My new kitchen looks absolutely beautiful and my experience with Bella Brothers was very positive starting from the Initial Meeting with Tom until the completion of the kitchen 3 weeks later. Initial Meeting: Tom came to our home for the initial meeting and he listened to what I wanted to do, offered some great advice and opinions on some “problem areas” as well as asked a lot of questions, took measurements and explained the Bella Bothers process. We were called the next day with an estimate and invited to come into the showroom to review some design options in more detail. Arsan, the designer, was extremely knowledgeable and offered various options after asking what we liked and wanted in the kitchen (colors, tiles, backsplashes, etc). One of the benefits of working with Bella Brothers was we didn’t have to go to 3 or 4 different stores to pick out what we wanted. Everything was available in the showroom and Arsan worked with us to pick selection that would complement each other. Contruction Process: We were assigned a Project Manager, Eric and a construction team that completed the renovation and kept us informed during the entire process. Eric was excellent to work with and I highly recommend him and will request him for future projects! He was very accommodating with our schedules, came every day to make sure things were going smoothly and moving at an acceptable pace. When there were any “hiccups”, he called and kept things moving. The contruction team, led by Danny, was also excellent to work with and his work is impeccable. He arrived on time every day; worked diligently throughout the day; was extremely polite and meticulous; and he cleaned up every night before he left. I have two infants in the house and felt that he did a wonderful job making sure that we weren’t inconvenienced any more than we had to be due to the contruction. Completion: The entire process was approximately 3 weeks and we now have a new kitchen that is more useful, maximizes the space and looks beautiful. The pricing was comparable to other quotes that we received, perhaps slightly higher in some cases, however, the convenience of “one-stop-shopping” and the end result were absolutely worth the very slight difference. Recommendation: We have other renovation projects that we want in the next few years and we would absolutely use Bella Brothers again and I would recommend to our friends and family. Dave & Christine Lyness


11/14/2014 Dear Tom, We highly recommend Bella Brothers for remodeling jobs. They installed a bay window in our living room. Each worker was professional… and cleaned up after themselves. Each one answered any questions we asked. Their workmanship was perfect! Joe & Rita McCartney


10/13/2014 Gloria and I just wanted to send you out a brief note to thank you for the work you did for us last month. As usual, the work was excellent and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. The repaired wall in the powder room is beautiful. We couldn’t have imagined it would look so good and fit in so well with the paneled walls. The outside painting looks really nice and the repair on the rock garden steps is great. We are both so relieved to have them fixed. The staff you sent to do the work was excellent. They were on time, professional, and particularly in the powder room, they acted as though it was their own home and they took such care to work with the idiosyncrasies left by the gas company to give us a pretty result. We enjoyed working with you again and look forward to contacting you for our next project. Sincerely, Mary Sarno


10/10/2014 They did a beautiful job. They brought the materials to my home for me to choose from. They were on time and never intrusive. They give expert advice with a solid plan. Very talented crew. They always had an open line of communication thanks to Christina in their office. Professional standards, experience and workmanship. It has been a few years and my kitchen still looks great. Trudy Decanio


10/5/2014 To whom it may concern: Gutted entire kitchen, took down a wall, replaced windows/doors, rewired electric, rerouted plumbing, installed appliances, tile floors and backsplash, granite counter tops, cabinets and painting. They were absolutely outstanding! They were on time everyday, stayed the entire day and someone was in the home for two weeks making sure we were without a kitchen for as little time as possible. The owner Tom was so friendly and couldn’t have worked with us better. He was professional, but there was a personal touch as well. I will recommend them and definitely use them again for any future projects on my home. Sincerely, Donna McGill


8/1/2014 To Thomas P Denicolo and everyone at Bella Brothers Construction, My husband and I would like to thank you for the outstanding job your company did on our bathroom. We were especially pleased with the level of professionalism and workmanship from the workers. They were very eticulous with the details of our plans. They ensured that we had the ame vision and was very flexible to any adjustments we made. When the job was complete, there was virtually no cleanup needed because they had done it all. To put it frank, they were phenomenal. My whole experience with your company was astonishing. We love our bathroom. Thank you again and again and again!!!! Sincerely, Joseph and Olivia Thompson


7/30/2014 After having several contractors fall through, I reached out to Bella Brothers for my small condo bathroom renovation. From the initial design meeting I felt that the challenges of my existing bathroom were completely understood, and Bella Brothers was able to come up with a design layout that maximized space and efficiency. I was amazed at how quick and clean the demo was and impressed by how streamlined the whole process was, especially given that my condo was on the fourth floor of a very small building with no elevator. From the beginning, Eric was highly respectful of my time and also ensured that my neighbors would not be inconvenienced. The quality of work was outstanding, particularly with respect to the infrastructure (plumbing, walls, electrical) and the finishing was excellent. I also appreciated the professionalism, as well as the respect they showed my condo and the building’s common areas. I will definitely consider hiring them again for another project. The only “B” grade is in respect to price, but that is more of a reflection of my own tastes, not so much on Bella Brothers. I spent more than I had initially wanted to, but I understood that the cost was justified by the quality of materials and workmanship. I could have gone with a less expensive project, but I am generally willing to spend more for better quality. Nicole Phillips


7/28/2014 Put in a front bay window and arch and 2 back doors (1 storm & 1 screen). Bella Brothers did an excellent, clean, professional job. The owner was very knowledgeable and helpful. The woman at the office were wonderful also. Men who did the jobs were excellent. They knew what they were doing, they cleaned up everything, explained anything that I asked to be explained. We are very pleased with our new window and doors. It adds a gorgeous appearance to our home. I would recommend Bella Brothers to everyone! Bob & Deb Mowrey


7/16/2014 We hired them to help prepare our house for sale. The primary task was the painting of our our kitchen, living room, stairwell, office, bedroom, and cabinets. Other smaller repairs as well, including drywall repair, lighting installation, and bath tub glazing. The quote and project overview meetings went well and were flexible to my schedule. We wanted to move fast to get the house to market as soon as possible, and they were prepared for that. The quoted price was fair and ultimately reflected the work that was done. The painters did a great job. All of the detail and lines were clean. All previous “murals” (my work) were completely covered. On top of that, they worked fast: all of this in a standard South Philly rowhome within a week’s time. The other repairs were done to my satisfaction as well. I was specifically impressed with the person brought in for the tub glazing. A previous contractor had their painters just use some aerosol spray-on material to repair and recoat. I didn’t know any better at the time, but soon that coat came up in patches and clogged the drain on several occasions. The subcontracted guy for this job had an entire compressor and blower system for stripping away the old and applying a new coat. This will definitely allow the new owners to continue using the cast iron tub for several more years. Eric was the project manager and was always communicative of the schedule and would check in regularly to ensure I was happy with the work as it progressed. Bella Brothers will definitely be on the top of my list as I look for bids on potential renovations of our next house in the coming months. Severin Walker


7/10/2014 I was looking for a general contractor for several months when I heard of Bella Brothers through a friend of a friend. Up until then I had tried many times to hire a contractor with no luck. Why is it so hard? Anyway, I called Bella Brothers on a whim; the office manager answered my call immediately. She talked me through all my wants and needs. I had a few different things I wanted to do on the exterior of my house including repairs and cosmetic. I didn.t even know where to start. The very next day roofers were at my house checking it out for needed repairs and I had a quote for the entire project in a week. Once I signed the contract the work started almost instantly. Bella Brothers managed the whole project. I didn’t need to worry about what happened when and who was doing what, it just went very smoothly. The whole project included roofing repair and maintenance, carpentry and painting. The exterior of my house was such and eyesore; I hated the way it looked since the day I bought the house. Now each time I walk up to my front door, I stop just a brief moment to enjoy how pretty it looks! Thank you again Bella Brothers, Vanessa Tutrani


7/3/2014 Dear Bella Brothers, Thank you very much for a fantastic job creating a door frame and hanging the door as well as putting in overhead lights for us. We are very satisfied with the job. Tom, who came out to the house to give us our estimate, was very knowledgeable and personable. The guys that came out to the house and performed the work were courteous and professional. I especially appreciated the special attention that was taken to match the door to our other doors as well as the trim. This was an initial concern for us prior to having the job completed as we live in an older home and didn.t want the new door to look out of place. As it is, you can.t even tell there is a difference! Overall we were highly satisfied and would recommend your services. If we need any work in the future we will definitely be calling you! Thanks again! Dave and Danielle


6/30/2014 Dear Bella Brothers, We would just like to thank you and your crew for an excellent job!! Bay window and doors are gorgeous!! Love them!! Tom came out to our house to help us pick out a bay window and back doors. He was on time and answered all our questions and put in his expertise to make our choices easier. Tom is very knowledgeable of what he is doing he stands behind his work. He will go out of his way to make sure your happy. We are very confident and trusting of Bella Brothers work. Bella Brother’s crew came out and in one day put both doors and bay window in. Bella’s crew were professional, clean and respectable of my home and of us. Their work was outstanding and impeccable. They cleaned up everything. They are great and hard working. Would also like to thank the ladies at the office, they were very personable and knowledgeable and accommodating. I would recommend Bella Brothers any day to anyone for they do an outstanding job. Thanks again Bella Brothers P.S. You took one of my husband’s wishes off his Bucket List and made him a happy man!! Debi and Bob


6/26/2014 Dear Bella Brothers, In October 2013 we elected to have our bathroom remodeled by you. You scheduled our work to be done in the beginning of December and promised it would be completed before Christmas. We had a functioning, almost completed bathroom on the evening of 12/23. The painting and finishing touches were done the week after. Your designer met with us and made excellent suggestions for selecting the floor and wall tile. He was an added bonus to our experience. When the work finally began, we were assigned the BEST team of professional, conscientious, hard working men you had. All of the work was done with Dominic. His other team members were Drew and sometimes his son, Dom. With each element they had to undo… floor, wall, plumbing, electrical… they found substandard work, and ended up having to gut our bathroom in our 110 + year old home. They were not discouraged, but rose to the challenge, and determinedly, working long hours, created an updated, attractive, practical, and spacious bathroom for us! The transformation in this tiny room was exciting, and simply unbelievable! Each step was discussed and shared with us. Dominic’s need for perfection was especially appreciated by Joe and me! Thank you for your excellence. Sincerely, Joe and Patti Varrella


6/11/2014 I have had two work projects completed by Bella Brothers within the last two years. The first project was my master bathroom and the second project, that was recently completed was a overhead roof on my patio. My master bathroom was completely gutted and totally redesigned by Bella Brothers. The work was completed in a timely fashion and looks amazing. Workers were very neat and very respectful with the way I keep my home. Everyday all my furniture was completely covered along with my floors. My only complaint about this project is that I wish I would have done this years ago for it really looks beautiful. The second project that I just had done is a solid overhead structure on my patio, which measures 12 X 30. I no longer have to roll out a shade to keep out of the sun. Bella Brothers added design to the structure by adding a “A” roof to the front, and four column covered post which really adds class to the back of my house. They also installed two outdoor fans with lighting and two outlets as well. I really am loving the life outback now. Thank You Bella Brothers Sheree Marsh


6/5/2014 GREAT COMPANY. They provided a great design service, not just new cabinets. They took the kitchen down to the studs and built it to the finished kitchen. Everything was perfect. The staff was great, the designer, the office staff, project manager, and the unbelievable workman on the project. They work fast (on schedule as promised), very clean and neat, and discuss the smallest detail along the way, to be sure you are totally satisfied. I waited 6 months to do this review, to be sure that no problem appeared after construction. The designer gave a lot of thought to the design, and the staff gave a lot of effort to the project. The price was in the middle range for a good kitchen, but the quality and service was SUPERIOR. They not only built us a new kitchen, they built us a kitchen with a WOW factor. GREAT PROFESSIONAL JOB from beginning to end. Dennis Richman


6/1/2014 Dear Customers, We were the recipients of professional workmanship in the installation of our constructed home improvement. The scheduled work was done with accuracy and this was properly communicated to us from the beginning to the completion of our home addition. Once the work commenced, management periodically checked to see if the workmen were following the designed construction. Moreover the completed work is an outstanding feature to our residence that obviously increased the value of our home. Thus, Bella Brothers Construction, Inc is an outstanding home improvement and construction company. Thank You, Martha W Smith John R Smith


5/30/2014 The designer made wonderful suggestions after listening to our requests. His plan was wonderful. The project manager came often to coordinate the project and get our feedback on its progress. He promised attention to any of our needs after completion but we really don’t think we will need to have him return but we would be happy to see him again and to work with him and the excellent staff @ Bella Brothers! The workers were on time every day. They did their work in a professional manner. Everything was done so well and exactly as planned. They kept everything covered everyday so that nothing in the bedroom was disturbed. They were courteous and were very pleasant to have in our home. When they finished, they cleaned everything in the bathroom and left nothing disturbed in our home or outside. We love our new bathroom! Bernard & Edna Pincus


5/29/2014 Dear Bella Brothers, Just wanted to take the time to express our thanks for all the spectacular jobs your company has completed in our home over time. Ten years ago, your company converted our small office and small air light kitchen into one large BEAUTIFUL eat-in kitchen. Your work was impeccable to say the least! Believe it or not, after all these years, there are still not many changes we wish to make in our kitchen, due to such fine craft and workmanship. But we are now going to have your company come in to make modern updates such as new appliances, countertops, tile backsplash and tile floor! Just the ticket to bring new life into our already beautiful kitchen! We also have to mention the new beautiful bow window along with a complete remodel of the entire front of our home, from top to bottom, that is absolutely more than we could have asked for! The shingling, siding, front bedroom window, door, and even glass block basement window all were more than perfect and the colors you suggested all worked together! Your work was so pristine that within a few weeks we ordered every encasement window throughout the house (10) to be replaced to match our front bow! So many of our neighbors have commented on the workmanship and style! This week we are so excited that your company will now be out to do a complete renovation of our upstairs bathroom! I am glad we decided to go with your suggestion to enlarge our bathroom to allow room for the 36 inch soaker tub – it honestly was something I always wanted to do!!! And again, with help from you and your staff, the color choices and quality of our tile, walls, vanity, and faucets all work so well together!!! I have butterflies waiting to see the end result! Well, again, another shout out and thank you for helping us transform our home into something we are proud of! I look forward to finding a new project so your company can come and put your magic touch on it!!! Rennie and Fred


5/21/14 Bella Brothers recently finished the complete renovation on my kitchen and I could not be happier with the result. It was your typical 1970’s kitchen with horrible cabinets and even more horrendous counter tops and layout. Their designer was able to come into my home and completely lay out the kitchen to a more functional space. I would have, and could have never thought to place the kitchen how it now is. My kitchen was not functional before and I couldn’t stand to cook in it, which interfered with our family gatherings. I now have a gorgeous large island where we can all sit around and have our meals. The finishing touches are just great, very professional. The workers were courteous the entire time as well as the office staff and wonderful project manager, who helped in any situation he could. I would hire this company again to complete any job in my home, and I definitely plan to in the future. I can’t thank them enough for their patience with me and for following through with all their promises to me. Linda Ortega


11/24/13 Hi Tom! I never thought I could love my bathroom so much! The work that all your guys have done, expertly managed by Eric, is miraculous. I must say that Dom and Drew are a Dream Team. I looked forward to their cheerful arrival every day, confident that their experience and talents would transform my bathroom. The white subway tile looks GORGEOUS, especially with the dark grout. My old floor tile looks much improved as well, with their diligent application of grout stain. Dom and Drew were ready to go the extra mile with never a complaint, including shaving down my wooden doors so I could actually close them again. And a real surprise was when they brought in a curved shower curtain rod to replace my former straight one – I absolutely love it!! Good call. When they left each day, they thoroughly cleaned up any mess, and always filled me in on what to expect for the next day. So I just wanted you to know how delighted I am, once again. I can’t imagine going through any renovation without Bella Brothers! If only I had another room to tear apart! I hope you’ll have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. All my best, Trudy


10/8/2013 I don’t normally write reviews on a company but I felt it’s the least I could do after Bella Brother’s construction really bailed me out of a bad situation. I bought a house that was in need of a decent amount of work. The type of loan I got was a 203K. That’s a loan where a portion of your borrowed amount goes toward the rehab of the house you purchased. I needed a kitchen remodel and an addition. After settlement I found out there was more problems the seller’s hadn’t quite disclosed. There was water damage, air conditioning unit issues, mold, rotted walls, you name it we were devastated. To make things worse trying to get a quality contractor to do the work under the 203k guidelines was impossible. With the 203k loan you have a township inspector and unlike other normal construction projects you have a HUD inspector who is stricter and critiques every detail of work that is to be done. As if that is not bad enough in a 203K loan the Contractor doing the work doesn’t get paid a cent until they show 25% of the work is done and then after they get paid in increments as the work is done and it is strictly inspected. I had 6 months to get the work done according to the bank contract. I am not exaggerating when I say 4 contractors accepted the job and BACKED OUT several weeks later cutting my 6 months to complete the job to less than 2 months!!. There were penalties if the work wasn’t completed in 6 months and there was even threats of losing the house. A business associate recommended Bella Brothers and told me they had experience with the 203 k loans. I called Tom Denicolo with Bella Brothers to see if they were able to work with this type of loan and possibly meet the contracted deadline set by Hud regulations and the bank. Tom was at my house the next day. Tom was professional and most importantly COMPETENT. What a difference I was so sick of dealing with the unsure answers and negative attitudes from the previous contractors. Tom is the head of the company and he personally came out took measurements, drew a rough sketch of a new layout in front of me and told me he would contact me the following day. I will make a long story short….. Within 2 days Tom had all the appropriate estimates available to me because he personally brought them to my house at the time he stated he would be there. Tom explained the prices and scope of work involved in this project. Tom contacted the bank, the hud consultant and had the tons of paperwork that came along with this loan in order and ready to go. I didn’t know if we would ever finish the job on time, but at least we were off to an amazing start. I was introduced to Eric Espinosa who is the project manager for Bella Brothers Construction. Eric was courteous, considerate, and professional. Eric provided me with accurate information and kept EVERY ONE of his appointments and commitments. When Eric told me the demo work was starting the next day I was skeptical, that was until the Bella Brothers construction crew showed up on time a lot more awake than I was! The crew carried themselves as if they owned the company. They were in uniform, awake, alert, friendly and patient they explained some of the inconvenience that was unavoidable and promised to make it as painless as possible. We ended up having all the windows replaced, the kitchen replaced, a new addition that required siding, electrical, plumbing, roofing, flooring, etc. I had to deal with several construction crews for each trade but the thing that amazed me the most is that they all seemed to carry the same degree of professionalism. Later on I found out that Bella Brother’s only deals with quality contractors and subcontractors and there is an understanding and expectation of the level of quality and professionalism expected. I am not sure after reflecting on all of these qualities why I am still amazed THAT ALL OF THE WORK WAS COMPLETED ON TIME AND IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. I WILL SAY IT AGAIN ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. I never expected it to come out so perfect. My addition looks like a natural part of the house, you would never know the addition wasn’t part of the original building of the house. They used thicker walls, stronger concrete, upgraded insulation, nicer trim and genuinely flawless craftsmanship. I visited Bella Brothers showroom in Bensalem Pa to pick out what type of cabinetry, backsplash, vanities, sinks, flooring, etc. and was guided through the entire experience by a professional interior designer who I must say could not have put together a better combination of colors and styles. Every person who sees the work can’t believe how nice everything came out. This review is becoming quite lengthy so I will wrap it up by saying THANK YOU BELLA BROTHERS for turning our desperate situation into a dream come true. Best wishes to you and your staff. YOU ARE THE BEST!!! I still can’t believe how great it looks we are having so much fun just being home!!! THANKS AGAIN! David G


9/24/13 They redid the drywall ceilings, put a skylight in my kitchen, and they put in a patio door. They were very personable and prompt. They would always clean up for themselves. They were very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. We would definitely hire them again. Bernadette Wagner


9/29/13 Bella Bros came out for the estimate on time & with nice ideas, provided the estimate timely and worked with me on adjusting to help reduce costs. They have an on site show room and a designer that works with you as part of the contract to pick out your selections. He was very helpful in making choices that I loved in the end result. There was some mix-up on scheduling the start date but once it was determined they arrived as planned and were there everyday as expected, always working the same hours. It was nice & productive that the same 2 workers were assigned the whole time. They were very professional, friendly and consulted me as needed. They always were diligent in putting down tarps and covers to protect the rest of the house. They cleaned up every day and left very clean work spaces. They also worked with me on a schedule so I would always have access to one working bathroom which was kind of essential. Their work quality was excellent. They worked fast and produced great results. Both bathrooms came out fantastic. The tile work is top notch with a lot of attention to the details. The rest of the repairs look really good too. They were great with little details too such as creating easy to reach access panel for such things as the water filter in the laundry room ceiling. They had estimated 3 1/2-4 weeks for the work and completed it exactly in 3 weeks. They were a bit on the higher side cost wise but I felt it was worth it especially given the quality of the work, the timeliness and the great working relationship. They also were very willing to work on the costs so don’t hesitate to do so. Their perspective was I should get what I wanted which they delivered on and made it an easy experience while doing so. You can’t go wrong with a company like that. I would definitely consider them again for any future work. June Brophy


7/29/2013 Wonderful workers with the utmost respect. Very friendly and professional. Bella Brothers did a beautiful job on my basement kitchen and my basement entry door. Smooth transaction from the estimate straight through to the clean-up after the job was done. Highly satisfied customer! -Heather Martinez


6/13/2013 My husband and I hired Bella Brothers Construction to remodel two bathrooms and our kitchen. Tom and his expert team did a fabulous job from start to finish with the work. We were first set up to meet with his in house designer who listened to what we wanted, and guided us in the right direction with our selections. The construction team was like no other. Their work was to the highest standards, they were polite and respectful of our home. Most importantly I trusted them in my house. We now have the most beautiful kitchen and bathrooms. Thank you Bella Brothers for making my home feel perfect! Natalie McCarty


5/10/2013 I’m back again! Although this is my first time leaving a review for Bella!!! I have had both my kitchen and bathroom remodeled by Tom and Bella Brothers. I have nothing but great things to say about this company. I was so happy I decided to call Bella, the girls are so sweet in the office and very accommodating. Tom was prompt on all his appointments scheduled with me, and kept in touch throughout all my remodels (both kitchen and bathroom renovations). I was really scared I was going to be out of the loop and not understand what was going on during construction, but the men were so nice to explain things to me, and their processes. I’m sure I was a pain, but they never showed it on their faces 🙂 I chose to have Bella remodel my bathroom after my kitchen because of their diligence while working on my kitchen. I couldn’t imagine a better company to tackle such big jobs for me. so thank you again guys and look forward to that basement renovations we’ve been discussing! Sincerely, Melissa!!!


4/22/2013 Dear Bella Brothers Construction, We would like to thank you for the job you did in the remodeling of our living room and dining room. The job consisted of crown molding, new baseboard molding, painting both rooms and new wall to wall carpet. We got six estimates and decided on Bella Brothers Construction because of their knowledge and understanding of what we wanted to accomplish. This gave us the confidence we needed to choose you to do the job. The workers arrived every day on time, everyone was friendly, hardworking and respectful of our home. The workmanship is excellent and even exceeded our high expectations! I am so happy to show our family and friends out new rooms. Bella Brothers Construction helped to make our house into a beautiful home. I would highly recommend Bella Brothers to everyone and we look forward to working with you again in the future. Sincerely yours, Bob and Karen Celauro


4/19/2013 I just got my bathroom remodeled by Bella, and I continue to enjoy it every single day, as well as my children. The tub is finally big enough for the kids to pretend “swim” in, and we thank Tom for suggesting to go with the bigger tub to suite our family needs. If you are a parent, you know how tough bath time can be, and ever since the guidance I got from Tom and the project manager, bath time with the kids has been so pleasant. The functionality of my bathroom now is just amazing, I have space in the double vanity we got, I have space in the linen closet we got, I have shower in coves (tiled) for all our shampoos and such (which now the kids can.t get to). The workmanship from this company and their carpenters is just impeccable. Any issue we came across, they handled immediately and with perfection. There was just one small issue with tile date arrival (partly my fault for picking special order tile), but Tom was able to get the girls in the office to research and track down my tile so there was absolutely NO delay! I was very impressed with everyone.s work ethic from start to finish. The finish is great and we are so happy. If you want your bathroom done in a timely manner, with all the great design details and functionality for your family, then contact these guys. I kid you not, it was such a pleasure! Thank you to Tom, Eric, and all the staff at Bella! Sincerely, Marcus Gallagher


3/25/2013 Being this was the first time we have done a remodel of this scale we were intimidated. We had met with three contractors for estimates but didn’t feel good about any of them. Then we met with Tom. Honestly he’s the reason we went with Bella Brothers. Their quote was higher than the others but we felt Tom and Bella Brothers would deliver what we wanted, when we wanted it. . We had recently suffered a death in the family and the son of the deceased needed a place to live but the house was in some disrepair from old water damage, age and general neglect so getting this job done quickly was a top priority. We met Tom and his team at his office the same day he came out to our home for the estimate. He and his designer Arsan walked us through the process and all of the options. We signed a contract that day. Work began on the job a week later and progressed quickly, The crew was on time everyday and worked fast and clean. The job progressed so quickly that the only delays were caused by our own inability to make decisions about the placement of the island, what color hardwood for the floor, what color the back splash would be, etc. The kitchen was completed ahead of schedule and the side work on the second floor was completed soon after with a few visits in the following weeks to address some small finishing issues. Today we have a great new kitchen/family room that’s the envy of the neighborhood and upstairs plumbing that works! Will definitely call Bella Brothers for our next project. Thanks to Tom, Eric, Arsan, the work crew and the girls in the office. Geoff Jefferson


2/25/2013 Dear Tom et al, I just wanted to pass along my thanks for a job well done! Living in a high-rise, sometimes contracting jobs are a challenge given the demands of the building management and their strict parameters. From beginning to end, I was impressed with the professionalism and flexibility, not to mention the finished room was even nicer than I.d envisioned. There are several things which I feel deserve special recognition: – During the project, I came home each night to a spotless home (there was not a trace of debris anywhere) – I did not have to deal with the building management at all . this was all taken care of for me – There was a mixup with the toilet size wherein the bathroom door would not open all the way upon initial completion, and this was handled promptly and professionally (kudos to ERIC) without a hint of any potential extra charges – There were no .surprise. extra charges – all fees were quoted up front and adhered to throughout the project From design to scheduling to execution, again. a job well done! I look forward very much to working with Bella Brothers on additional home projects. Sincerely, Chad Leonard


2/18/2013 After years of putting off the task of a full kitchen renovation, we finally decided it was time to update and get rid of the 1960’s version of a kitchen that we were using. We also wanted to knock down the wall between our Dining Room and Kitchen and have a breakfast bar instead. Since we have never had work of this magnitude done before, we were extremely cautious about making sure that we picked the right company. We called 2 other local contractors, but they left us feeling less than confident. While driving, we saw a Bella Brothers work van. Once home we visited the website to view pictures of their work and read testimonials. We immediately made an appointment for an estimate. Tom came to our house, listened to our ideas and gave us some of his. He worked with us to make sure that we stayed within our budget. Within days we were in the showroom in Bensalem picking out cabinets, granite, flooring, backsplash, etc… The idea of only having to go to their showroom to pick out everything was a very big appeal. We were not interested in driving around to different stores to pick out each item. We wanted one stop shopping for all of our needs. That meeting wasn’t just professional, Tom and Kathy made it personal as well. During the renovations, we met with their designer Arsan who led us in the right direction to ensure that all of the colors/choices would flow together and bring our vision to light. The crew was always on time. There wasn’t a day that went by that the crew was not at our home working towards our goal. We were amazed that you could actually see so much progress when they left each day. Brad, Tom Jr. and Eric were so easy to work with. Our beautiful kitchen is finished and it is nothing short of amazing! Our only regret is that we didn’t contact Bella Brothers sooner. Not only do they have our recommendation, but they also will be the first and only call we will make for any future projects. Donna McGill


11/12/2012 Dear Bella Bros. (Tom & Dom), You delivered us an awesome kitchen! We couldn’t be more pleased with the renovation. From the initial visit, design, quote, materials used and ultimate construction everything was first rate. Dom is an absolute genius and everyone else we met along the way was simply outstanding! It was a total team effort. Our expectations were truely exceeded and we find ourselves just staring at the the kitchen with a feeling of joy and delight. John Weber


11/2/2012 Excellent! We had used Bella Brothers in the past for another major project (putting in a new bathroom) so we knew how trustworthy they are. Tom gave a very fair estimate (close to the big granite counter top people who are not as personal) and we scheduled the work to be done while we were away on vacation as we were without a kitchen for 5 days. We went to the showroom to choose our granite and had many choices in our “moderate” price range. The work was done completely while we were away and finished in time. A faucet needed to be selected while we were away and I completely trusted them to make a nice choice, which they did. They result is fantastic – we love our updated kitchen. It looks beautiful. Work was done quickly for a good price by a company we trust to be in our house while we are on vacation! Josh Malenbaum


10/31/2012 Choosing Bella Brothers to renovate my condo was one of the smartest decisions I ever made. When my ancient kitchen was begging to be updated, I was at a loss as to how to proceed. Tom from Bella Brothers entered the scene, with his expert advice and a solid plan. He even brought samples of granite and tile right into my kitchen, which was a huge help in the daunting shopping process. Soon after, he and the talented crew went to work, with the lines of communication tirelessly manned by Christina in the office. They handled every step of the renovation with the ultimate in professional standards, experience, and creativity. The icing on the cake was that Bella Brothers had charged significantly less than any other company had proposed. My kitchen turned out GORGEOUS; I can honestly say that though many months have passed, not a day goes by that I don’t love it. So when my living room also needed an entire gut job, there was no doubt in my mind that I would turn to Bella Brothers. In came Tom again, with hardwood flooring samples, wallpaper books, and paint charts. And once again, the whole renovation proceed-ed skillfully, professionally, and with as little intrusion as possible. I was especially impressed with their handling of a poor wallpaper choice that I had made. Committed to customer satisfaction, Bella Brothers undertook to immediately correct what could’ve been a disaster on my walls, even though the installation had already begun. Their solution was stunningly beautiful. I had thought that I would never love any room as much as my kitchen, but now I adore my living room as well. So without reservation, I totally recommend Bella Brothers Construction to anyone looking to renovate any place in their home. Bella Brothers will not disappoint – they aim to please. Trudy Decanio


10/19/2012 Dear Bella Bros. (Tom & Dom), You delivered us an awesome kitchen! We couldn’t be more pleased with the renovation. From the initial visit, design, quote, materials used and ultimate construction everything was first rate. Dom is an absolute genius and everyone else we met along the way was simply outstanding! It was a total team effort. Our expectations were truely exceeded and we find ourselves just staring at the the kitchen with a feeling of joy and delight. As difficult as it is to be without a working kitchen all the fine efforts were worth the wait. So many thanks again. – John & Susan Weber


9/19/2012 My name is Cecelia Brown. My husband and I decided to get our basement finish, and we liked the work Bella Brothers did with our daughter and son in laws basement the Strickland’s, so we gave them a call and Tom came and spoke with us, and we felt confident enough to allow Bella Brothers to do the job, the guys they sent for the framing, plastering, painting, and flooring were very professional and respectful of our home we are very pleased the way our basement turned out and are happy we chose Bella Brothers. Thanks, James & Cecelia Brown


8/22/2012 To Bella Brothers, I am writing to tell the story of our work by Bella Brothers. It started with meeting Tom Denicolo and enjoying his understanding of our vision. He made us feel comfortable and was familiar with what we were talking about, a tiny 5 x 7 South Philly bathroom that needed updating. We wanted to move all the plumbing to make the bathroom seem bigger and knew it was a big job. We met with Bella first but still got several estimates and while Bella Brothers wasn’t the cheapest, they definitely weren’t the highest. But unlike every other contractor, Bella showed up ON TIME for the estimate. They actually seemed like they cared. The attention to detail and immediate connection in ideas made it a no brainer to go with Bella. They used quality items, classic style subway tiles and had plenty of options if we wanted to get crazy. Dom and Drew were usually prompt and always professional and happy when working here. I had several days off during the job and in case you ever wondered what contractors do when you’re not home, it’s work. Didn’t see them slacking or creeping around my house. They even took our cats into consideration when they went in and out of the house! Dominic’s workmanship is precise. The shower area’s tile is pristine and accurate. The new slim radiator is awesome! They even fixed up a door in need of minor repair. Although the estimated time without a toilet was a little longer than described, the sense of urgency was there to help us have a usable toilet and tub, as this is our only bathroom. Also, they started 2 weeks before they thought they could, so when they finished was actually about a week after they were supposed to start! The project manager was a little intense and curt but in no way did that affect our opinion of the actual work that was done. We would definitely use Bella Brothers again for any remodeling job we want to do. We will send pictures soon! Thanks again for everything and hope to deal with you again, Harry & Patti Flud


8/14/2012 Dear Tom and Bella Brothers Staff, Thank you so much! Ellen and I are so happy with the installation of our new windows and the masonry/brick pointing work performed by such great teams of talented, hardworking, dedicated gentlemen! We appreciate your flexibility with our time-table on our goals and your positive outlook that no job is ever too small! We are very excited that we were able to start the process of giving our old house some love with the help and experience of your company! We intend to keep moving forward on our quest, and will certainly be calling you in the future. (I think we have about 24 windows? J) with lots more interesting projects to send your way! We also want to thank the wonderful ladies in the office, Kathy, Christina and Nicole who were always pleasant and helpful. We would recommend Bella Brothers without hesitation. Patti Ann & Mary Ellen Sullivan


7/25/2012 To Everyone at Bella Brothers Construction, Thank you! I LOVE my new kitchen. It is so bright and cheery and I love all the cabinet space. It is going to make such a difference in my home. Tom, thank you for your expertise in helping to select everything and your direction in helping to design my beautiful new kitchen, I couldn’t have done it without you. Dom, Mr. D and Drew thank you for your professional workmanship in not only making the kitchen as beautiful as it is but in getting it done in record time (people can’t believe it was completed so fast) and cleaning up on a daily basis. I also want to thank the girls in the office, Kathy, Christina and Nicole who were always pleasant, helpful and responsive. All I can say is what a great team. I would recommend Bella Brothers to anyone and if anyone doubts what they can do all they have to do is see their work, it speaks for itself. Marie Huckel


6/9/2012 Dear Tom & the Bella Staff, We just wanted to thank you for giving us such a wonderful experience during the remodeling of our Master Bathroom. Your workers all exhibited such professionalism during this process, which made the transition move along without much inconvenience to us. Your workers were always on time, and cleaned up after every job. We are so happy with the final outcome of our bathroom, and would definitely recommend and refer Bella Brothers to our family and friends in the future. Sincerely, Jack & Mary Ann Bowie


5/15/2012 I just wanted to leave a comment to say how I was very impressed with the meeting I had with Bella Brothers and Tom. Although I am not at the point where I am ready to tackle my project (need to work out my budget), I will be using them when Im ready. I spoke with the girls in the office and they were ver accomodating with my schedule and was able to get me an appointment within a week, which was a shorter time period than other companies. Tom was very informative with details and pricing for the project. I got my full proposal within two weeks, and now I know what I need to do as far as funds. I just wanted to leave a comment here, since I was doing some searching on them anyway for future use. Cant wait to get everything in order and work with them!!! -Cynthia


5/9/2012 Outstanding company. We have used Bella Brothers many times over the past several years and are always very happy. We live in a row home in center city. 3 years ago, they built a new bathroom on our 3rd floor. Last month, they put new granite countertops in our kitchen and fixed the cabinets. In between, they have hung a TV, fixed a leaky bathtub causing leaky ceiling, and a few other small things. Tom, the owner, is wonderful. Nice, thorough, honest, reliable. He comes or calls when he has an appointment schedules, unlike many other contractors we tried. The estimates are reasonable and they really stick to their estimates, even when the job changes from expected. Every night, the work area is cleaned reasonably before the workers leave. The workers are trustworthy – our last project we had done while on vacation, and there was never a worry in my mind about trusting Tom and his company. They have good taste and picked a few things for us (faucent in kitchen, lights in bathroom) and we have been happy with their choices. The work they have done for us is excellent and we get many many compliments!!! We have called them urgently to fix things (particularly the hole in our ceiling) and they had the entire thing done within the week. Christina, who answers the phones, is always helpful and pleasant as well. I do NOT work for them, but HIGHLY recommend Bella Brothers as reliable, honest, reasonable, and GOOD at what they do! Emily


4/29/2012 Our experience with Bella Brothers was absolutely wonderful! From beginning to end, we were more than satisfied with our old pink “Barbie” bathroom renovation. When we first met Tom for the initial consultation, he took the time to explain everything to us and made sure we felt 100% comfortable with the decision we were about to make and didn’t pressure us like some other companies did. Not only is Tom very knowledgeable, but his whole crew are very skilled at what they do, and the best part is everyone that worked on our bathroom (demolition, tile work, grout work, etc.) was a Bella Brother employee, not contracted out like so many companies do. Tom set up a timeline for us on when we could expect to have all of the different steps done, and everyone showed up promptly, were incredibly clean, and anytime we had a question, they were willing to answer it without rushing. The girls in the office are probably the most polite office personnel you will ever talk to, and any questions we had were always answered within that same day. Our bathroom turned out so beautiful that anyone who sees it always compliments it. We would highly recommend that anyone getting a bathroom redone by Bella Brothers get glass doors for the shower because you are definitely going to want to show off the gorgeous tile work. We can’t thank Bella Brothers enough for the wonderful work they did, and just making it such a positive experience for us. For any future renovations, we will definitely be contacting Bella first! Jenn & Rich Murphy


4/5/2012 Dear Tom, First, let me thank you for a job well done. Your workers were extremely qualified and very courteous. Judy and I felt the job went off without a hitch. The finished product was beautiful. We are so happy with our new kitchen and the great experience we had using your company. We highly recommend you to anyone who is looking to renovate a kitchen (or any other room) and we would not hesitate to use you again. Once again, thanks to Bella Brothers for a wonderful job! Best regards, Ben Seligsohn John


3/24/2012 We engaged Bella Brothers to remodel a bathroom built probably around 1900. The reason was a leaky bathtub in a tiled floor and tiled wall room. They gave a prompt, competitive and fair estimate and worked easily with us on our peculiar preferences and needs. We got an estimate of time to completion and they did better than that. The specialists who did the demolition, plumbing, electrical, tile, carpentry, glass shower, painting work were prompt, showed up when they said they would, finished when they said they would, did a superb job and left no mess. Tom Denicolo was easy to work with, knew what he was talking about and listened carefully to our desires and did not try to push into his or the industry’s way of doing things. John


3/12/2012 The services performed by Bella Brothers were a new bathroom and kitchen. We contacted Bella Brothers in September 2011 and met with Tom, he blew us away with his enthusiams and ideas. Our work was started on 12/12/2011. The bathroom was a remodel, new tile work, new tub, new sink and new flooring and a new skylight. The bathroom was completely gutted and made new again. The only thing I kept from the old bathroom was the toilet and it was kept because it was fairly new. Our old bathroom was all tile and now we have half tile half sheet rock. Tom came out we picked our tiles and the floor tiles, and sink. They did a beautiful job. The kitchen was completely gutted as well, we have new cabinets, new flooring and new backsplash. It took approx. 3 weeks and the same guys who worked on our bathroom worked on our kitchen. We picked out our cabinets, tile floor, back splash and granite from Tom. He gave some helpful ideas and it was like having a Nate Berkus helping us which I so appreciated. He has an eye for this stuff which unfortunately I do not. We met with Bella Brothers in September 2011. The bathroom was first to get done and we were told it would take approximately 2 weeks and that’s how long it took. They came in on weekends to get the job done and done right. We are so so so very pleased with the workmanship that this company provided. They stand by their word. They put all the right people in place to do the job right. The tile work in our bathroom is amazing and beautiful. Tom gave us ideas about our bathroom that we didn’t even think of. We love our bathroom!!! On January 3, they started our kitchen and that took approximately 3 weeks to get done, again the same workers who worked on our bathroom worked on our kitchen and did an awesome job. The workers are punctual, they come when they say they are going come, they were very neat and clean. They take pride in their work!!!!! You will not go wrong with going with Bella Brothers. We had a lot of anxiety over getting both jobs done, but once I met with Tom and later when the workers came in on 12/12 /11, I knew this was the best decision I could have made. I would do it all over again, and of course I highly recommend them! -Angela DiGenio


2/7/2012 To the Bella Brothers Team, Thank you so much for our beautiful new kitchen! We truly appreciate the quality and craftsmanship that went into every detail of the renovation. From the beginning to the end, we were delighted with the service, professionalism and especially the results! We have already recommended Bella Brothers to our family and friends. Tim & Mary Walsh Tim and Mary Walsh Testimonial (PDF)


October 28, 2011 Tom and Staff: I would like very much if you would post this on your website. I deeply appreciate the way you handled the repairs on my floor, ceiling, and sofa, and I am especially happy with the kindness and dignity with which you treated me. I thank all of you for your work, and will of course recommend you to anyone looking for a construction company. Stay well. During a recent updating of my bathroom, which I like very much, and after Bella Brothers’ workers had left, one of the old plumbing fittings in the bathroom apparently worked its way loose. I came down from my bedroom early in the morning to find a flood of water coming from the ceiling onto my sofa, and from there on my beautiful oak parquet floors. I was sick. I managed to stop the flood by cutting off the water at the meter, but a great deal of water had already been absorbed by the floor. Within a day my showcase floors were buckling, heaving, and damaged. I called Bella Brothers immediately, of course, and they were at my house within minutes, fixed the leak, and told me not to worry. They told me that everything would be restored at their expense, and I’m writing to tell you they are men of their word. My ceiling was repaired almost immediately, and they repainted the entire entrance and living room ceiling, so that there would be no demarcation line. At my request Tom hired the company which had refinished my floors a few years ago, and I decided to wait to have that work done until the end of the summer. It was finished two weeks ago, and the floor is again beautiful. In order to make sure that the repairs matched the rest of the floor, Tom had my entire living and dining room also sanded and refinished. I am left with a floor that look like a ballroom, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Tom also had my sofa cleaned and sanitized, and they were done two days ago. Through all of this all of the staff at Bella Brothers treated me with courtesy, consideration, and dignity. What could have been a catastrophe in other hands was much less traumatic because the company lived up to its promise to restore it to its original condition and then some. I am deeply grateful for the way in which I was treated, and for the way Bella Brothers took full and uncomplaining responsibility, and lived up to their promise. Please do yourself a favor and consider them strongly for any remodeling work you may need done. Sincerely, Frank J. Oliver Rhawnhurst


October 26, 2011 Tom, Dominic and Drew just finished up the follow up list. We appreciate them waiting till we could get there today. We just wanted to let you know we love the kitchen. We are very happy we picked Bella Brothers for the project. We are also happy the project was completed in the time frame you indicated it would be. Your staff and subcontractors were all good guys who came to get their work done. Even when the communications got a little hectic at the end, everyone was still friendly and professional. Any questions and/or issues I had { I know I ask a million questions} were addressed when I raised them.. The staff at the office was always professional, pleasant, patient and helpful. Our kitchen has been transformed in 3.5 weeks! Thanksgiving dinner for the whole extended family will be so much easier this year with my new kitchen. I look forward to hearing from you about painting the side of the stove. You run a good business Tom. Thanks, Donna and Russ


October 21, 2011 Everyone at Bella Brothers: I wanted to take this time to send an email to thank you guys so much for the hard work that was done to my bathroom, living room and deck. Since deciding to go with your company to complete this work, I have been reassured every single day that I made the right decision to choose your company to complete this remodel, by just looking at my amazing home everyday! My living room was so drabby and outdated with the ugly carpet that was original to the home and I was so ready to get rid of it! When I met with you guys and saw all the amazing samples your representative, Tom brought to my home, I was excited to get the work done. When I made the appointment to meet with your company, the wonderful girl over the phone explained that he would bring samples with so I could physically see the stuff I wanted. I didn’t think she meant that he would bring, literally, several different types and colors, etc. I was shocked and excited to be able to make a selection. When it came to the deck, I had already mentioned to the girl on the phone that I wanted Trex decking, so to my relief, Tom came prepared with samples of all the colors or Trex, and the vinyl rails! I didn’t even have to ask about it, he already had it prepared for me to look at and feel. He came very prepared and the notes he was given by his office was impressive. For my bathroom, I was nervous about having it done since I had not had good experience in the past with a different remodeling company. After seeing all the pictures on their website, the pictures he brought in his binder (about 4” thick by the way… impressive!), and all the reviews I found online, I knew that this was the right company for my job. Tom and the office made it easy to make my selections, since there were so many choices, and even when I changed my mind, they were so cooperative to accommodate my changes. I was continuously updated throughout my project, whether it was text messages (surprised Tom did this), emails, phone calls etc., they found ways to communicate with me even though I had a very busy schedule. I am in-awe of how this company handled my needs during the remodel, and I would have them come in and do it all over again if I could. It has truly been an enjoyable experience, and I will continue to be in LOVE with my new spaces for as long as I am in this home. Thank you so much! James L. Fisher


October 11, 2011 Hi, Tom! A friend and I had a really delicious meal at the Outback, thanks to your extremely generous gift card. Fabulous food in a terrific place – it was an unexpected treat, and very much appreciated. I am still LOVING my living room. It gives me indescribable joy every day, just like my kitchen! My warmest thanks for everything, Trudy


September 24, 2011 Dear Tom Denicolo, I can’t say enough about how pleased my family and friends are with our completed demo and kitchen remodeling job on our Fishtown home. When we first met, you will recall me telling you that I had searched for the RIGHT contractor for our job for at least 2.5 years and that I came close to signing with 2 other contractors but still had an “uneasy” feeling so I couldn’t pull the trigger (much to my wife’s chagrin!). Before signing with Bella, I shared my concerns and ideas with you and you worked until all my concerns were addressed. Thinking back, I am amazed that you spent a solid 7-8 hours face-to-face with my wife and I before we even signed the contract. You had made an investment in us and we, in turn, invested in Bella Brothers. It turned out to be a Win-Win relationship! The Bella Brothers workers were first class professionals and the fact that the project was completed “on time and in budget” given the scope of the project is a testament to you and the rest of the Bella Brother’s Team’s years of knowledge and experience. The helpful suggestions and accents that we collaborated on together have made my kitchen truly unique. In fact, we’ve had union carpenter friends over to our home and they commented on how clean the angles are on all the woodwork. We also have a friend who cleans houses on the Main Line and when she saw our kitchen she commented that she hadn’t seen anything like our kitchen in all the homes she had been in. As you will recall me mentioning that our Annual Crab Fest party had been previously suspended by my wife for the prior two years until we were able to have a true “entertaining kitchen” and that we were so impressed with the Bella Brother’s Team’s effort and excited with our finished results, that we invited you and several of the key project Team members to our Crab Fest weeks after the job was done so that each of them could personally see the looks on the faces of our guests when they saw the “transformation” of our kitchen. I tell my friends and co-workers if they want the job done right to call Bella Brothers. I suspect you may have heard from some of them already. Attached are before and after pictures of our project so you can post them on your website and show future clients. With advance notice, we would surely be willing to have you and any prospective Bella Brother’s clients visit our home to see the quality of the work first-hand and to provide a personal reference. It was an honor and a pleasure working with the Bella Brother’s Team. In sincere gratitude and appreciation, Carl and Kristen Deppenschmidt


8/28/2011 Hi Tom, Here is a check for $1064.00, my final payment. I could not be more thrilled with my new living room. Its gorgeous! Thank you and the whole crew for an extraordinary make over. Im especially grateful for the beautiful wallpaper, so expertly installed and painted to perfection by Mike, even though the original grass cloth was a disappointing choice. And you still met the deadline for the room to be ready for my visiting friend from New Zealand! My living room brings me tremendous joy every day. I can hardly believe it belongs to me. Many thanks to all and best wishes for continues success. Fondly, Trudy Trudy Testimonial (JPG image)


8/25/2011 Dear Tom and Staff, Let me just say this, “I love,love,love our new kitchen”. This was a long overdue project and we were a little nervous about what we wanted and who we were going to get to do the work. We met Tom through his daughter, Nicole, who became a very good friend over the past year. Tom came out to see what had to be done, which was a total gut job and gave us many ideas and an estimate that was totally in our price range. He assured us the crew would be there every day at about 8 – 8:30 until the job was completed and that’s exactly what they did. The crew including Dom, Drew and Domonic were a pleasure to have in our home. They had to put up with the hottest weeks of the summer and our dog, Lucy. Our new kitchen is a pleasure to cook in from the beautiful cabinets to the rearrangement of the stove and the pretty tile floor. We have showed off our new kitchen to family, friends and neighbors and they can’t believe the transition. We just want to say thank you and can’t wait till our next project. Tom & Judy Sherick


July 28, 2011 Ah, our new bathroom, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! Our wonderful experience with Bella Brothers began with the proposal process. Tom walked with us through it, listening to our desires and our concerns. He heard our cost limitations, gave us some choices, and we agreed to a price. When we got a bid from another contractor, it was 25% more. Also their man was not as easy to talk to. As it turned out, Tom had to call us while we were on vacation to tell us that they had a cancellation and wanted to start as soon as possible, before our agreed-to time in August, so we started about a month early. Fortunately we had gotten our loan lined up with our credit union way ahead of time. The two-week time period to demo the c.1938 tile-lined row house 4-piece upstairs bathroom (with the only other facilities being a 2-piece half-bath in the far corner of the basement) and make a completely new modern facility was excruciating for all of us, but the professionalism, hard work, and good-natured spirit of all the workers, backed up by Tom and the office staff, made it all bearable. In the horrible heat of that 2-week period, the workers were here doing their jobs and doing them well. When a couple of plumbing-related issues came up on non-plumbing days, people were dispatched in a timely manner to take care of what had to be done. The finished job is beautiful! We have modern tile on floors and surrounding the tub/ shower, which also includes a modern tub and Delta shower fixtures. They join the modern American Standard toilet and pedestal sink, all chosen for best effect and efficiency in the 5′ by 5′ non-tub floor area. Another favorite feature is our new linen closet, installed over the tiles of the old shower stall, with walls and shelves and a bi-fold door. Finishing touches include paint color which I chose to harmonize with a switch- plate I bought on vacation, installation of grab bars and other accessories we chose, and installation also of a storm window for our skylight, which should help save on heating costs in the winter. We had considered a 2-day bath-fitter-type bathtub conversion, but we realized that we really needed a complete modernization. We expect to move back to Virginia in a few years, and we are counting on prospective buyers to see this bathroom, say “wow!” and rush to make a good offer on our house, even in this difficult housing market. We will not hesitate to recommend Bella Brothers to everyone, and I plan to ask Tom to give us a quote on a bathroom remodeling job that is needed at my church. Again, thank you, and best wishes – Ginnie and Bill Reinhold


July 27, 2011 Dear Tom and Bella Brothers, I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job on our bathroom. I knew that I wanted Bella Brothers to do the job from the moment I spoke with Christina in your office. Meeting with you just reaffirmed that I made the right choice. The bathroom turned out better than we expected. The job started when you said it would, took as long as you said it would and cost exactly what you said it would. Your men were extremely professional and did a great job (especially in the middle of heat wave in a bathroom in a house without central air!). We appreciate their hard work and trying to make the job as convenient as possible for us. The tile work in the shower turned out beautiful and the paint job is great. We couldn’t be happier with the result. We know who to call for any future projects and will not hesitate to recommend Bella Brothers. Thanks again. Christine H.


July 1, 2011 Everyone at Bella Brothers, I would just like to take this time out to thank you for the great work that was done in my home. I could not be happier with the outcome. From the first time Tom came out to my house I knew that I was putting this project into the right hands. This was my first home, so of course I wanted everything to be perfect. After looking through magazines, websites, and every type of remodeling source to see what the most modern things out there for a kitchen were, Tom was right on the same page as I was. When the work began I was very comfortable with the men that came to work on the kitchen. They were very respectable and I valued that it was a family company. Each day, they arrived when they said they would. They kept everything clean while they were working and neatly packed when they were leaving. They were open to any suggestions and eased any concerns that I had. They took very good care of me. Now that my work is done, I thoroughly enjoy using my new kitchen and love to show it off. I can.t thank you enough for making my house so welcoming. I am now even hosting a dinner party because I love to have an excuse to use everything in my kitchen! Sincerely, Lucy Milano


May 23, 2011 Dear Tom and Staff, I give Bella Brothers an A+ for the excellent work that was completed on Friday May 13, 2011! First, it was a please to meet Tom when he came to my home to give me an estimate. He took the edge off with the uncertainty of dealing with a contractor. I appreciate his expertise and knowledge for the work that I was requesting. I was getting estimates to have windows installed in my home and I did not want the standard double-hung windows for the front of my home and wanted something with more class for this old home. Tommy pulled out brochures of the type of windows that I was looking for, he made some phone calls more information and pricing. The price was more than I wanted to spend, but by that time I was in love with those windows, but it was more than I wanted to spend. After reviewing all the information and price, I came to the conclusion that I wanted Bella Brothers as my contractor for this job. I give Bella Brothers an A+ for their commitment to service! When I signed the contract, I was told that Greg would call me to set up a date and time to come out to take the measurements, he called me the same day and the appointment was made. He arrived on time, took the measurements and I told him that I was going to give him a check for my second payment. There was no pressure about taking a post dated check because I needed to move the money from another bank account. I give Bella Brothers an A+ for the customer service representatives! I spoke with a couple of the ladies in the office. They are very courteous and professional. They called me to make sure that the money was available for the post dated check before depositing it into my bank account. Now that is service! Working and trying to schedule installation was a little difficult, but the ladies assured me that they would need a full day to install the windows. Based on that information I was scheduled for Friday May 13, 2011 at 8:30am. I give Bella Brothers an A+ for the instillation team! Greg and his crew arrived around 8:30am. There was a crew of 4 men here to convert my old drab windows with bars into fabulous window with a bright view. They started right away, down came the bars, then the whole frame and windows were out in no time. They continued until the last window was installed, capping, light fixtures, door bell, and address plate was completed. The men were very professional, funny and serious about what they were doing. They were done about 4:30pm and there was not a piece of glass, wood, or anything on my carpet or outside around where they were working. They cleaned up everything. All I had to do was enjoy the view. What a pleasure to work with Bella Brothers! I was so impressed, I asked Greg if they remodeled kitchens, and when he said YES! I knew that I did not have to look any further for a contractor. I will call Bella Brothers for all my contracting needs. Sincerely, Rosalinda, T. Sanders Sanders Testimonial (PDF document)


5/20/2011 Hi Tom and the Bella Brothers Family, We are still in awe over our beautiful bathroom renovation. Our project started with a few referrals and estimates but I still relied on the Yellow Pages for just one more estimate and that’s where I found you and all my expectations were met. Bella Brothers is a professional company from the beginning to the end of a project. I’m a very picky and detailed person, so for me to say “that’s beautiful” or “OMG, I love it”, is a good thing. Everyone, the plumbers, demo guys, electricians, Brad, an excellent carpenter, Tom, Brian, a creative tile man, Mike and Tim, the best painters, did an amazing job. They were on time, very pleasant, and everyone coordinated the jobs effectively. If there were any issues, Tom and Chris immediately took care of it. Keep up the great work! We plan to enjoy this bathroom for a very long time, probably forever. Thanks! Tony and Gilda


Thomas P. Denicolo Bella Brothers 6533 Rising Sun Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19111 June 1, 2011 Dear Tom and Bella Brothers, I am writing to express my appreciation for the wonderful remodel project you undertook on our 100 year old bathroom from mid March to the end of April. This was a very tough job which I am very glad I did not undertake myself. Our experience was positive from the start – with Tom Denicolo’s introduction to your company and his careful ear listening to what my wife really wanted and needed in a bathroom. He was very attentive and at no time did he push ideas that were out of keeping with the atmosphere of a Victorian era house. Once construction started things went quickly and smoothly, without any significant mess, though I will say that my wife made special preparations covering everything in adjacent rooms with sheets and drop-cloths. Nonetheless, when I got back after the extensive demolition was complete the area was very clean. The carpenters did a great job of the basic underlying construction and after the plumbers put in the new plumbing the tile man was very efficient and professional, doing a really beautiful and expert job, even coping with the surprises that inevitably come up when working on an old house. We wanted a three glass walled shower and the glass people made this everything we expected and more. The builders came back and installed the new cabinetry, again coping with the surprises of old classic moldings in the way of new drawers without any problem. Plasterers did a great job on the new upper walls and the unanticipated gaps between the dry wall and the old door moldings, and finally the painter polished the place off so it looked like brand new, yet also like it has been there since the house was built in 1895. The workmen always showed up when they said they would, were very professional in their conduct. All the timing milestones of the project were adhered to and I can say that the final outcome of the project exceeded our expectations and was met with wonder and approval by all visiting family members and friends. Again, I am more than happy I did not take on this project myself, though I DID make the fine 4″ thick oak block to mount the lights on over the vanity so I could see myself shave. We look forward to working with you again in the future. Sincerely, Norris and Usha Childs Childs Testimonial (PDF document)


5/20/2011 Hi Tom and the Bella Brothers Family, We are still in awe over our beautiful bathroom renovation. Our project started with a few referrals and estimates but I still relied on the Yellow Pages for just one more estimate and that’s where I found you and all my expectations were met. Bella Brothers is a professional company from the beginning to the end of a project. I’m a very picky and detailed person, so for me to say “that’s beautiful” or “OMG, I love it”, is a good thing. Everyone, the plumbers, demo guys, electricians, Brad, an excellent carpenter, Tom, Brian, a creative tile man, Mike and Tim, the best painters, did an amazing job. They were on time, very pleasant, and everyone coordinated the jobs effectively. If there were any issues, Tom and Chris immediately took care of it. Keep up the great work! We plan to enjoy this bathroom for a very long time, probably forever. Thanks! Tony and Gilda


5/17/2011 Dear Bella Brothers & Tom, I would like to thank your company for the incredible work they completed on my sunroom. I am absolutely in awe of the way it turned out. I could not have imagined it being this beautiful. I know that I made the right choice by picking your company to do this work for me. When I thought about getting this remodel done I could not have even imagined the details that you were able to provide to me Tom. I appreciate your attention to detail, effortless work to make it to my satisfaction and eagerness to create a work of beauty that both you and I will be able showcase for years to come. When the men showed up to work, they were always on time. Except for one occasion, which they were running late. However the office called to let me know what was going on. I have never seen this type of professionalism from a home improvement company before. I was happy to leave my house to the men each day and trust that everything was being taken care of respected. I even made sure to leave waters for the men each day, it was the least I could do, as they would even let my dog out in the yard everyday. Again, going above and beyond seemed like second nature to them. The craftsmanship of the work is absolutely amazing. As I mentioned before, the detail that was put into each aspect of this project shocks everyone who comes over and sees my sunroom. The amount of windows, the moldings, the tiling…everything, came out amazing. Sitting on my sun porch has become my new favorite escape and being able to sit in comfort knowing that this was built to last (as Tom mentioned to me at our initial meeting), puts me at ease and allows me to really enjoy my new space. Again, thank you for everything. Thank you for the constant updates, phone calls, time lines, emails and courtesy. It has made everything a pleasure. Sincerely, Maureen S.


5/4/2011 Dear Tom and Bella Brothers Contractors, I just want to thank you all for remodeling the basement area of my home. My basement was becoming a pile of sand and exposed old stone with every step taken from the floors above. Tom explained clearly that what I was seeing was the foundation of my house falling away. After a sit down consultation and the drawings of plans for the basement, Tom knew just how to tackle the problems that were present. He also listened to my requests and ideas. The Bella Brothers team came on time everyday to complete their task. Each worker was very polite and courteous. After every task was complete, their work areas were put in order and cleaned for the next day’s work. Tom and his team came in and transformed my basement into a really nice additional living space. I am pleased with their work and how they communicated with me and each other. I would recommend them highly to anyone with an idea or dream of any repairs or transformation in the home inside as well as outside. I also thank Christina and Katherine for keeping all lines of communication open between me and the Bella Brothers team. Thank you all again for all of your hard work. Alfreda Laws


4/1/2011 Dear Tom, Sorry we couldn’t thank you personally as you couldn’t make it here last Friday. But just want to thank you for our beautiful bathroom, we are pleased with it, so also everybody who saw it. Please give our thanks especially to Brad, Tom, Brian, Mike, plumbers and of course Christina for all the coordination and phone calls. Sincerely, Usha Childs


March 30, 2011 Re: Home Addition Tom and crew, Kelly and I just wanted to thank you all for the hard work, and wonderful result of our home addition. Everyone that worked on our house was very professional, and accommodating. It makes a world of difference with the additional space added to our home. Not to mention the MUCH improved exterior appearance from what we previously had. Aside from the end result, I have to say that the service level was extraordinary. As someone who works in customer service myself, I appreciated the constant communications from your staff. It definitely set us at ease throughout the process. We always knew what was going on along the way, and that was very much appreciated! Thanks again for a job well done! We will definitely be keeping you in mind for any future renovations to our home. Thank You and Best Regards, Mario and Kelly Lanni


03/17/11 To Whom It May concern: The National Historic Register House at 1307 Locust Street, which is the home of the non-profit New Century Trust whose mission is to improve the social, economic and educational status of women and girls, was recently renovated by Bella Brothers. Tom Denicolo supervised and implemented the renovations which were completed in a timely and very professional manner. He was very responsive to requests for changes and implemented all requests that differed from the original work order in a timely manner. He provided catalogs fro choices of historic colors and lighting that were very helpful. All work negotiations were pleasant. His workers cleaned up after themselves and worked in an orderly manner. I would recommend him without reservation to do historic or other renovations. Sincerely yours, Mimi Collins President New Century Trust Original New Century Trust testimonial (Image)


03/14/11 Frank Thompson Testimonial (PDF document)


02/10/11 Tom/Kathy, My daughter and I would truly like to give you a humble thank you, we both know you did not have to help me the way you did, there are difficult times for everyone. Being a Christian, god has taught me he puts people in your life for a time as this. Thank you, Thank you, Edith Jessup-Bullock Original Bullock testimonial (Image)


02/02/11 When a local contractor said no, Bella Brothers said “Yes we can!” My dream of replacing an old kitchen and knocking down supporting walls to maximize space in a small apartment became a reality when Tom walked in the door. He presented ideas that had never crossed my mind. Tom was patient and called me during each step of the renovation. My ultra modern kitchen now has beautiful wood cabinetry with plenty of storage. Old plumbing and wiring were replaced. The recessed lighting with dimmers and placements of fans are just right. The custom closet is great for extra storage. Although I’m located 90 miles away, it wasn’t an issue to Tom and his guys. I’ve referred Bella Brothers to family and friends already. I have Tom in my contacts list, and will be calling him when I’m ready to finish my basement! -Barb Duffy, North Wildwood


01/28/11 “Wow!” That was the only word echoed when seven of us walked into my newly renovated vacation home. Bella Brothers did a great job knocking down old walls and archways. They pulled down a staircase and revamped heating ducts like it was second nature. Tom’s ideas were great, from electrical solutions to staying within my minimal budget. They had my place ready for paint within a few days of the go-ahead. My living room/dining room combo is now an open concept space with plenty of room for entertaining. Can’t wait until the summer to show it off! And with this winter, it can’t come soon enough. – Mike Duffy, Philadelphia


01/17/11 Bella Brothers has been absolutely a godsend. When I initially thought about having to remodel my bathroom I was afraid it was going to be so much stress. I am so pleased with the way it turned out, I couldn’t imagine anything better. The time frame was just as it was explained to me by Mr. Denicolo at our contract signing, and the progress each day was amazing to see. I was able to meet with him within the few days after I called in, which was great for my busy schedule and he even came on a weeknight. The pricing was great and he was able to work with my budget number. My overall experience with this company is a great one. I am very glad that I came across their website, because if I didn’t, I am afraid of what my bathroom would look like if someone else did it. Thank you to everyone at Bella Brothers, you made my experience a pleasant one! I am enjoying everything that was done in my bathroom. Thanks for everything – Angela!


01/10/11 Thank you Tom for responding so quickly to my call. When my porch ceiling suddenly collapsed, I knew I needed to call someone reputable to make the quick repair. Since you were located so close to my home and I knew how professional you were in other matters, I chose your business. I was pleased with the response time, the estimate, the personnel, and the final outcome of the job. My porch looks new. I had to hurry to tidy up the entire front of the house since my porch ceiling and new light fixture looked so stunning. I painted the porch and the porch and step rails immediately. Your entire staff was kind throughout the entire process. When I called again a week later about capping my front lawn window, your guys came right out and completed the job. Now my home front curb appeal is complete. Thanks so much! I will keep you in mind for future jobs and referrals. Peace and Blessings, Marcell


01/09/11 Its not too often that you find a company like this. From my previous experience I’ve dealt with contractors who were, more or less, just trying to make a sale. But when Bella Brothers came out to my home I couldn’t believe how professional and informative he was. My job was started when they said and completed when they said it would be. I did have many questions along the way and Tom always made sure to get back to me right away! I will be referring my family to them for their remodels! Thanks Bella Brothers and Tom!


11/02/10 Hi, Tom, I really love, love, love my kitchen!! Everything you said was true, and I couldn’t have imagined a better outcome. Thank you for all of your guidance and hard work, and thanks as well to your whole crew for their intensive labor and talents. I know that working at my condo association was no picnic for anyone! Also, I’m grateful to Christina for being at the core of every communication, making sure that my questions were always answered and that my comfort level was high. I will send her pictures as promised whenever I can get a friend over with a camera phone. Hope to see you in January when I’m ready for my living room flooring. Sincerely, Trudy


10/21/10 Six weeks ago I contacted Bella Brothers to complete my kitchen renovation, which included taking a wall down to allow my kitchen to be opened into my dining room, replacing a few windows in the kitchen, relocating plumbing completely, relocate electrical… basically a gut and rebuild. From the moment I called their office and spoke with a lovely women on the phone, to the day their owner, Tom Denicolo, stepped in my door, I was made to feel comfortable throughout the entire experience. It’s no shock that I signed a contract with them that night. Mr. Denicolo was knowledgeable on every aspect of my project and was able to answer any question I had, and even provided answers and insight for things I did not even think of. The price of the contract was what I paid; there were NO additional costs or surprises (which was a huge shock to me, since there always seems to be someone trying to make an extra buck… not these guys). The project was started in about two weeks and they laid a schedule out for me so that I knew who was coming, and what days. Throughout the duration of the remodel I did have questions but the girls in the office were more then willing to help me and get my questions answered. The workers who were at my home were extremely polite and courtesy and cleaned up each day they were there. I was expecting to come home each day with my home in shambles (bad experiences from previous contractors), but to my shock the home was cleaned and trash was removed. I was amazed each day at the progress these men made, and within about three weeks my kitchen was finished! I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to work with a company that is polite, informative, and reliable and has a great work ethic. Sincerely, Ben


October 20, 2010 We recently had our kitchen and dining room renovated by Bella Brothers Construction Company. We could not be happier with the outcome and with the whole process in general. We live in a row home and had our small kitchen and dining room made into one larger kitchen. This involved the demolition and renovation of the existing rooms, new outside walls and kitchen roof, new electrical and plumbing lines, and the installation of new siding on the entire back of the house. Within three and a half weeks our dream kitchen was completed. There was no delay due to waiting for delivery of cabinets, construction materials, etc. Everything seemed to flow like clockwork. Any questions or concerns we had were answered promptly. Everyone who worked on the project was extremely professional and very nice. The work site was cleaned up at the end of every day, even to the point of sweeping our pavement. The office staff made the experience all the easier to deal with because of their courteousness and kindness. Tom Denicolo’s estimate was the final cost of the project so there were no “hidden” charges. We would not hesitate to recommend Bella Brothers to anyone and if we need any further work done on our house we know who we will call. Laura Toner


October 19, 2010 Bella Brothers Construction, Inc 6533 Rising Sun Avenue Philadelphia PA 19111 Attn: Tom DiNicolo Dear Tom: As you know I have used your company for several of my home projects and have never been disappointed with the efficiency and quality of the work performed by your team! With my last home project in September 2010, once again the work was outstanding. The contractors showed up as scheduled, completed the work to 100% of my satisfaction and always cleaned up after themselves. Never once did I have to come home from a day at work and have to clean up after the job! I will continue to refer your company to all my friends and family. Thanks again for an outstanding job! Sincerely, Anna Armenti


October 11, 2010 Thanks again for everything. We love our new kitchen! Everyone who worked at our house was a pleasure to deal with as was everyone who we spoke to on the phone. Sincerely, Laura & Vince Toner Original Testimonial (PDF document)


Sent: Sunday, October 10, 2010 2:22:10 PM Subject: Thank You Tom and Christina, I just wanted to thank you and all of your team for the excellent work you did on my kitchen, hallway and bathroom. The workmen, and especially John Boritz, who handled most of the work, Brian and Pete who did the tiling, Mike and Stefan the painters, and John the electrician, were so professional and their workmanship so meticulous, I could not be happier with the outcome. The granite work and tiling and the cabinetry all exceeded my expectations. The job was done right and done on the schedule that you promised. Thank you all very much. I have attached a few pictures of the completed job so Christina, who couldn’t see the final effect of all she helped me with, can have some idea of the outcome. I will definitely be calling on your company for more work and I have recommended you to all who have seen my new kitchen and bathroom. Liz Wallace


Oct 1, 2010 Hi Tom, First of all, we absolutely love our new kitchen and laundry room. You promised your guys would start on a specific date and they did which we really appreciated. I also can’t say enough about Domenic and Drew, absolute professionals and always willing to make things easier for us and explain everything to us. Those two guys are the best! Our kitchen is so beautiful, it was so much more than we ever expected. You guys were so easy to work with and we just wanted to thank you for that. We will definitely use Bella Brothers again for our home improvements. Thanks again! Anthony and Lisa Pizzica


Jun 16, 2010 Bella did a great job working with me on a price I was comfortable with. I didn’t have to sacrifice quality for my new bathroom. The workers bent over backwards to make sure I was happy. They were fabulous!. Kelly M.


May 6, 2010 To Whom It May Concern: Bella Brothers recently came out to my home and replaced all of the windows in my entire home, which consisted of (14) windows. From the beginning I was impressed with the manner in which the appointment was set up with their office staff and the meeting with Tom at our home. The work was started as soon as the windows were in at the manufacturer, which was only a short time after the initial contract was signed. Since our schedule only permits the workers to be able to be here on a weekend, I was weary that this was going to be an issue. To my surprise, then men showed up on a Saturday, and finished the ENTIRE project with in 5 hours and cleaned up as if no one had ever been there. To say the least, I am very impressed with Bella Brothers and will be getting work done with them again in the very near future. Thank you again to Tom, Kathy, Christina and the crew that installed all of my windows. Sincerely, Jon & Julie Shmilovich


May 5, 2010 Dear Tom + Entire Staff, Thanks for the beautiful job that was done in my living / dining room – hallway + foyer. I love it, and thanks. Everyone was great, nothing was too big or to small a job. Everyone was pleasant + friendly + treated my home as if it was their own. Sincerely, Peggy McLean Original Testimonial (PDF document)


Date: 4/20/10 I recently have had the distinct pleasure of meeting Thomas Denicolo from Bella Brothers Construction Inc. at my home for a price quote on some minor water damage work. Upon arriving on time, Tom greeted with me with a firm handshake and a warm smile which goes along way in my book. He proceeded to review the damages of my master bedroom ceiling and offered 2 options for my problem. He was completely honest with me and told me exactly what to expect from his contractor. I also mentioned to him my concerns for future problems with a possibility of a small crack being on the edge of my roof and Tom’s response was we always have a roofer in the area we will get them to stop by and take a look at it and seal any small cracks. Once I heard that it made me feel a lot better about the situation. I completed and signed the contract a painter was in contact with me within a week turn around which I thought was pretty fast. I received a 48 hour notice so I could prepare to be home for the completion of the work. The painter was also on time for the day of the job and he worked constantly. He too greeted me with a firm handshake and a smile. He was totally prepared with lots of plastic covering and drop cloths. He insured me all of my new furniture would be protected and he allowed me to go up and check out how everything was covered. I couldn’t have asked for a better painter. I’ve painted a few walls in my home myself and let me tell you I didn’t enjoy it at all but after seeing Mike’s attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship it made me view it in a whole new light. The job was completed in about 4 or 5 hours and it looked great. My ceiling looks the way it did when I first moved in. I highly recommend Bella Brothers Construction Inc. and I look forward to using them again in the future. Sincerely, Crystal Shamblee Original Testimonial (PDF document)


Date: 2/2/10 Dear Tom, Michael Sullivan & everyone on the Bella Bros team, Thank you very much for the professional and artistic job that your team did on the renovation of our three bathrooms. We are very pleased with the way it all came out, and also we enjoyed the process which was done in a timely manner. We appreciate & recommend your work. Thanks, Tom & Patricia Ohlemiller Original Testimonial (PDF document)


Date: 10/30/09 To Bella Brothers, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the manner in which Craig and his help has performed their work. Their work ethic as well as their professionalism is to be commended. I thank God for leading us to you to perform the work. Craig has done a beautiful job on the basement floor & wall. Sincerely, Gladys Lowe Original Testimonial (PDF document)


Date: Fri, October 23, 2009 Dear Tom and Team, Michele and I would like to thank you and your entire team for the outstanding remodeling of our living room and dining room. Every detail was completed to perfection. We enjoyed working with all of you. No question was ever left unanswered and every small issue resolved immediately. You will be the first person I call when I decide to remodel the next room in my home. Kathy, Michele and Alexa Hanna Original Thank You Card (PDF document)


Date: Monday, August 17, 2009 Good Morning, I’m writing in regards to my bathroom that you guys remodeling for jason and I. Because of having our new edition to the family and other stuff i totally forgot to Thank you guys on such a beautiful job well done!!!!! My bathroom is absolutely BEAUTIFUL 🙂 Everybody who comes to see it always asks for your card …and not to mention, i was pregnant and complained about everything. (SORRYYYY ) LOL…..But it turned out just like a bathroom out of a magazine … i’m going to send ya 2 pics Danielle McBride Bathroom Remodeling Sink Bathroom Remodeling Bathtub




Date: Fri, February 6, 2009 Hi Tom & Staff, We would like to thank you and the staff at Bella Brothers for the great work you have done on our kitchen remodel. We could not be happier with the results. You were able to complete all the work in the timeline you gave us and you were in constant communication with us throughout the process. The kitchen looks better than we even imagined. We look forward to working with you on our next project. Jen & Brian Flemming


Date: January 26, 2009 Dear Mr. Denicolo, Enclosed is my final signed receipt. I just wanted to take a minute to thank-you and your employees for the services rendered. Making the commitment to totally redo the kitchen was a big decision for myself and my wife. We had concerns about the expense and we had heard some unpleasant stories about other people’s experiences in dealing with contractors. You and your staff made our experience very positive. My wife and I are so happy that we chose your company to renovate our kitchen. At every step of the way you provided personal attention and answered any questions we may have had. I called your office a couple of times along the way and your staff was pleasant and helpful, and then you returned my calls very promptly. Your staff worked quickly and were professional, and they always kept our house neat and were very careful. Your work product is AWESOME and my wife and I agree that is was money well spent. Thank you. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you. Arthur E. Durrant Original Testimonial (PDF document)


Date: January 26, 2009 To Bella Brothers, I just wanted to write to say how pleased my wife and I are with your work. When we decided to finish our basement we met with several contractors. After meeting with Tom, we instantly knew we were going to select Bella Brothers. He took the time to go over every detail to make sure we were comfortable with what we were getting and we couldn’t have been happier with the price. The basement turned out better than we had hoped and we have recommended Bella Brothers to our family and friends. There is absolutely no question that going forward, Bella Brothers is our only choice for future projects. – Kevin Strickland


Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2008 Hi Tom, I would like to thank you and the entire Bella Brothers Construction organization for the work you did on my kitchen remodel. The results are beautiful and I am extremely satisfied. The way you turned my 70’s kitchen into an updated and modern kitchen in about 3 weeks is simply amazing. To come home from work and see the day by day transformation was a great experience. I look forward to having you guys come back to remodel the bathroom sometime in 2009. Best wishes to you all for the New Year and continued success! Larry Sykes


Dear Tom, Just a brief note to say that after a busy summer and early fall, I am finally settling down to thank you in writing for the marvelous job you and your crew did last Spring in converting that shell of a garage at my house into a studio for my wife. Peggy is just so happy the way it all came together: She now has a well-lit, nicely painted, properly insulated ceramic studio in which to work that is air conditioned in the Summer and heated in the Fall and winter. The neighbors are also pleased as punch that the old flimsy-looking structure with its corrugated metal walls and mismatched garage doors is gone, replaced by a solid, brick-look building with windows facing the garden and wide matching doors at the street entrance. Peg & I were pleased that the permit process and city inspections occurred easily and timely, that the work proceeded rapidly, and that when that one small problem cropped up with the heat pup that it was seen to within hours. We will keep you in mind for further improvements to our property, both at the house and here at my work. Sincerely, David Szewczyk Original Testimonial (PDF document)


Subject: Thanks Tom! Date: Friday, September 05, 2008 Tom: Thanks so much for your quick work! As always we will always appreciate the new home you built for us! Fran & Helen


Tuesday, August 12, 2008 Dear Tom, and bella brothers: I would like to thank you guys for a job well done on my basement. It is so nice to have a second bathroom in the house loving it. We have received so many compliments from family and friends on how lovely our basement looks. We had our final inspection today and it A okay. I hope everyone is doing well in your family, and we hope to be doing business with you guys, when we are ready to get our kitchen remodeled. Thank you guys, Larry, Juliet and Ciara Weston


Home Contractor in Philadelphia Testimonial 7/23/08 Tom & Staff, Thank you so much for the beautiful siding job that Bella Brothers did on our home. We have received so many compliments from neighbors and people passing by. Your staff was very professional and a pleasure to work with. Thanks for transforming our home from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. We look forward to working with you and your staff on our next home improvement project! Art Miller


Tuesday, April 22, 2008 Dear Bella Brothers Construction, I just wanted to thank you on the great job you guys did on the kitchen, I couldn’t be happier. The kitchen came out so much better than I could have ever anticipated. The professionalism of your staff is wonderful. I am extremely grateful for how quickly you were able to get the job done. In my having you do the project so close to the holidays and your being able to complete it by the time you had estimated was beyond my expectations. I am once again very happy that I decided to go with your company with a major renovation in my home, it was another job well done. In closing please accept my thanks and know that if and when another project comes up in my household or if anyone that I know needs work done I would never hesitate to call you or refer you to someone else. Your company is top notch. Thanks again, Robert and Traci Smith


Testimonial by Nadine Dear Tom & Bella Brothers, Thanks for the work on my Mom’s Bathroom. She thinks its beautiful. All the best, Debra King  


Testimonial by Nadine Dear Tom, Thanks for selecting Mike and Aaron as my remodelers. They’re great guys. I’ve gotten many compliments on my kitchen and my sisters are thrilled. I had no idea it would be completed in such a short time. What loveliness and a pleasure to walk into a bright clean new kitchen. Thank you, Tom, for bearing with and guiding me through the project with professionalism and much thought. Not only did you become “My Contractor”, but also a new found friend and I look forward to meeting again soon for the next project. With Much Appreciation, Nadine